5 Best Pocket Holsters

Do you own a gun? Then you understand the importance of keeping it safe. Thanks to millions of holster manufacturers today, gun owners can breathe easy. However, at the moment, there is only a handful of high quality, reliable holsters in stock. Most good holsters can be attached either on the right or on the left-hand side. This fact helps the users to conceal them from the public and only fish them out when things get out of hand.

This product review will disclose the top 5 pocket holsters for you. The product review will go further -- focusing on descriptions, advantages, and disadvantages. You'll finally appreciate the vast essence of holsters. 

5 Best Pocket Holsters

1. DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster
2. Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster
3. Barsony New Pocket Holster
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4. Uncle Mike
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5. UTG 3.9 Inches Ambidextrous Pocket Holster

DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe DESANTIS Nemesis pocket holster is a durable product by DeSantis Gunhide. The product measures 5.4 inches by 8.7 inches by one inch. The pocket holster is usually sticky owing to the material from which get manufactured. The essence of the stickiness is to hold the weapon in position. Interestingly, this product only weighs 1.6 ounces. Additionally, the pocket holster reduces friction due to its slick path cloth.


  • The holster is lightweight
  • The product is highly long-lasting
  • It holds the weapon tightly as it's sticky
  • The product is easily portable owing to its dimensions


  • The product exposes the user to toxic chemicals
  • The product is unaffordable
  • The holster only exists in black

Our Take

The first feature that made me fall in love with this pocket holster is its stickiness. This feature helps to hold the weapon tightly to your belt. You'll also notice that the product completely covers the gun. I also like the product's Nemesis model as it accommodates different gun shapes, as long as the weapon is small.

The durability of this specific pocket holster will blow your mind. I bought mine over three months ago as it still appears brand new. The holster is also easy to clean with a wet cloth.


Desantis Super Fly Pocket Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Desantis Superfly pocket holster measures 7 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches. The design of the holster makes it fit Glock 42. As one may rightly guess, the pocket holster is made in the USA by DeSantis. One will also notice that the holster is slightly sticky a the manufacturer makes it from a sticky fabric. At the moment, the holster only exists in ambidextrous black. The product has very smooth edges to enhance quick access to your weapon when need be.


  • The pocket holster is lightweight
  • Highly effective in keeping your weapon safe
  • Highly effective in concealing the gun
  • Easy to clean
  • It can accommodate guns of different shapes


  • The holster poses a health risk to the users
  • The shape of the holster may underwhelm some buyers

Our Take

The most outstanding feature of the product is its design and shape. The shape of the product makes it suitable for a wide variety of handguns. I also profoundly like the product's stickiness. This feature helps to prevent the gun from moving out of position while in the pocket.

I will be dishonest if I fail to acknowledge the product's color. The product's black color is also highly helpful in concealing the weapon.


Barsony New Pocket Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Barsony new pocket holster is an exceptional product with a unique design. The manufacturer uses the Cordura nylon material, to manufacture these incredible pocket holsters. The breathtaking product only weighs 3 ounces. You'll also notice that the product's dimension allows one to either carry it in their pockets, handbags, or a backpack. Barsony's manufacturers design the weapon to remain in an upright position.


  • It holds the gun securely
  • The holster is useful for both right or left-hand use
  • It's highly durable and lightweight
  • The pocket holder exists in different sizes


  • The holder is too rough
  • Only suitable for specific kinds of guns

Our Take

No gun wonder can afford to shrug off this pocket holster. The holster holds the weapon in an upright position for easy access to your gun. Secondly, thanks to the design, the holster is suitable for either right hand or left-hand use. I've always loved the fact that the holster is voluminous enough to cover the entire weapon. Therefore, you have no reason to fear that your gun will be visible to the public.

The holster not only fits perfectly in a pocket but also in a handbag or a backpack. What's more, the product is highly durable as manufactured from a Cordura nylon material.

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Uncle Mike

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe pocket holster consists of a non-slip black material that keeps your weapon safe. That's not all; the holster consists of smooth edges for easier gun access. The holster is relatively deep to cover over 75 percent of your gun. The gun is relatively slim to hold the gun more tightly to prevent any movements.


  • It's manufactured from a non-slip material
  • It holds the gun in an upright position
  • The pocket holster cushions your weapon against the user's sweat
  • The holster has the company logo on it for easier identification


  • Not readily available in some countries
  • The design of the holster may be underwhelming
  • The product only exists in one color

Our Take

Unlike many other pocket holsters in the market, this pocket holster covers over 75 percent of your gun. I also love the non-slip nature of the pocket holster as it retains the weapon in the right position always. The chances of slipping out from your pocket are close to zero.

The nylon pocket holster is also moisture-proof hence does not allow sweat to permeate through it. You also notice the product's logo on the product's side. Therefore, no customer can confuse it with other counterfeit products from illegal traders.

The pocket holster fits perfectly in my pocket. Therefore, I have no reason to worry about portability.

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UTG 3.9 Inches Ambidextrous Pocket Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe UTG Ambidextrous pocket holster measures 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 0.8 inches. As the product name suggests, this product has a unique ambidextrous design. That's not all; the product comprises of several black non-slip bands. This fantastic pocket holster includes both front and back pocket storage. Interestingly the holster is also smooth and has beautiful edges.


  • The pocket holster is lightweight
  • It holds the gun tightly in the pocket
  • It has beautiful edges
  • The product consists of several non-slip bands


  • The product is unavailable in some areas
  • The pocket holsters only exist in black color

Our Take

The first thing I loved about the holster is the smooth edges. The edges allow the gun owner to whisk out their weapon fast to respond to whatever situation. The product's design also facilitates the efficient holding of the gun when in the pocket.

The other intriguing feature of the product is the material used. The pocket holster has a smooth texture, which makes it easy to clean. The cover of these holsters also doesn't attract too much dirt, hence require less regular cleaning.

Any customer will also quickly love the ambidextrous design. This design helps to hold the gun in an upright position while in your pocket. Additionally, the product design also helps to conceal the product as well as to keep it attached to your pocket.

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.