4 Best Glock 43 Holster

If you have a gun safely kept in your house, you may want to consider purchasing a holster too. Holsters help to keep your weapon safely as you move from one place to another. That's not all; the holster also helps to conceal the gun from unwanted persons. Usually, using the weapon is the last resort after all other options fail to pay off. Lucky for you, you won't have to do some due diligence on the best holster brand for you.

The product review will enlighten you on the top 5 holster brands to consider next time you go shopping. The material, design, price, and size of these products will leave you speechless. What's more impressive is that highly reputable companies in the world are behind this incredibly amazing Glock 43 holsters. The product review will disclose essential details such as product description, pros of the cons. You must be eager to read this.

4 Best Glock 43 Holster

1. IWB Glock 43 Concealed Carry Clip CCW Holsters
2. Glock 43 Holsters, OWB Holster
3. Bedone Glock Series OWB Holster
4. Galco Ankle Glove Holster for Glock 43

IWB Glock 43 Concealed Carry Clip CCW Holsters

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe IWB Glock 43 concealed carry CCW holsters is a high-quality product with an adjustable can. The beauty of this CCW holster exists in 5 different colors to suit different customer preferences. Additionally, the holster has a smooth cover, which allows fast and easy cleaning. The design of the holster allows it to cover over three-quarters of your weapon. Concealed Carriers, LLC is the manufacturer of these highly-rated products.


  • The holster is highly durable.
  • The product has a lifetime warranty
  • The holster has a unique and pleasant design.
  • This product exists in different colors


  • The product's price is too high
  • Unsuitable for larger handguns

Our Take

Nothing drew me to this product that it's unique design. The design helps to cover the gun completely to conceal it. I also realized that the holster's cant is adjustable to a degree of the user's choice. Unlike other holsters in the market, this product has the company logo on it. Therefore, no customer can confuse this product from the hundreds of counterfeit holsters in the market.

I also love the fact that the product exists in 5 different sizes. For me, I preferred grey instead of the usual black. I must also admit that the quality of the product is like none other. The holster's cover is smooth hence comfortable and easy to clean.


Glock 43 Holsters, OWB Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Glock 43 holsters, OWB holster, consists of a highly effective auto-lock system. The mechanism helps to enhance both the gun as well as the owner's safety and security. The product also has an adjustable rotation of up to 360 degrees. All a user needs to do is to rotate gently using the Allen key. The manufacturer always includes the Allen Key in the package. It may interest you to note that the holster tolerates excessive temperature, without the risk of damage.


  • The holster is highly durable
  • The product has an automatic lock mechanism
  • The holster's cant is easily adjustable
  • It's capable of withstanding powerful forces
  • The Glock holster tolerates extreme temperatures


  • The holster may be too small for some customers
  • The product is unavailable in some regions

Our Take

I never compromise on my safety for whatever reason. For this reason, I searched for a holster with an automatic lock system. Sometimes a gun owner is prone to forget to lock the holster to keep the gun intact fully. The Glock 43, OWB holster, suited me perfectly, thanks to its automatic lock. The lock prevents the weapon from slipping or getting snatched without your notice.
That's not all; this fantastic holster can tolerate extreme impactful forces without the risk of getting damages. I also realized that the product is tolerant of excessive temperatures. Honestly, I can recommend this product to anyone with a straight face. I have every reason to believe that the product will serve me for a long time.


Bedone Glock Series OWB Holster

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Bedone Glock series OWB holster is a fantastic product by Bedone. The product manufacturers use black polymer material to make these products. The cover is also made from soft Silicone material to enhance the user's comfort. You'll even notice that the OWB holster has an efficient auto-lock system that guarantee's the owner's safety. Interestingly, the user can adjust the paddle to any degree under 360 degrees. The choice of the specific degree solely lies on the user's preference.


  • The holster is highly durable and light
  • It consists of an adaptable paddle
  • The OWB holster has an automatic lock system
  • The product has a lifetime warranty


  • The size of the holster is underwhelming
  • The product only exists in black

Our Take

If you prefer to adjust your paddle to whichever degree you like, then the Bedone Glock Series OWB holster is the best for you. Secondly, the lovely holster equally has an excellent automatic lock system that guarantees your safety. I also like the fact that the system ensures faster unlocking of the gun.

You will also love the unique design of this excellent OWB holster. You won't believe this; Bedone offers a lifetime warranty to all its customers for this product. Unlike hundreds of holsters out there, this surface is also very smooth and comfortable.


Galco Ankle Glove Holster for Glock 43

Kiwi Camp Dry Heavy Duty Water RepellentThe Galco Ankle Glove holster for Glock 43 is a durable product by Galco. The product measures 12 inches by 2.8 inches by 6 inches and only weighs 9 ounces. The first noticeable feature is the premium steer hide. One will also notice the beautiful sheepskin padding, which enhances immeasurable comfort to the gun owner. It may interest you to note that this Galo uses a saddle leather material to manufacture this Glove holster.


  • The product is easy to clean.
  • The holster is highly durable and comfortable
  • The product is also very light
  • The product is efficient in safeguarding your weapon from moisture or sweat
  • The product fits several kinds of gun


  • The holster is relatively more substantial than other holsters
  • This product is not readily available

Our Take

If there's one material that guarantees unbelievable durability, it's saddle leather. That's not all; the material is equally soft and easy to clean. That explains why I fell in love with this product the first time I laid my eyes on it. Interestingly, the product requires less regular cleaning as the material doesn't gather dirt quickly.

The product also has a delightful design that helps to cover your weapon completely. As long as the user puts on a long t-shirt, shirt, blouse, or jacket, the last thing in your mind should be the fear of exposing the weapon.

Although the product does not have the company logo on it, you should avoid falling prey to dishonest traders. Next time you visit a retailer, ask for the AG800 model. It's the best holster I've seen in a long time. I mean it!

Another intriguing fact about the holster is that it's non-slippery. Therefore, as long as one fastens the holster tightly, your weapon cannot slip out. This holster is the product you've been looking for, for a long time. The search ends right now!
I have to add this; all you need to clean this product entirely is a wet piece of cloth. Wiping is enough to rid the holster of dirt. How amazing is that?

Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for Fishing.org and Shooting.org. He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.