Help For the New Shooter

Generations of families passed down their firearms. Teaching how to shoot a gun was a tradition many fathers shared with their sons. In more recent years, these traditions have expanded to include the women of families as well. This allowed them to help protect their home and property as well. It is no longer expected that Americans learn how to effectively and safely use firearms.
Unfortunately, all of this came to a halt when a new modern, enlightened era started to arise. People were starting to think that their personal pleasures were more important than protecting their families. They were putting all of their trust and protection in the hands of the government. Instead of mothers and fathers protecting the home and family, it was now up to local police forces to offer protection.
These changes and lack of personal responsibilities caused the generational chain to start breaking down. Fathers were no longer teaching their sons how to use firearms to protect their families. Wives and mothers were now demanding their husbands get rid of the guns in the home to keep their kids safe from accidents. These people thought they had peace of mind knowing they could easily obtain guns in the future if they wanted to.
The New Modern Era
Generations ago, it was expected that by now we would be living in underwater cities, flying to work with flying cars or taking trips to the moon on holidays. It was expected that parents would lose their jobs and the homes they raised their kids in. Retirement plans shriveled away and disposable income was a thing of the past. The threat of terrorism continues to be your reality even in this modern era.
For those who never gave up the right to protect themselves and their homes with firearms, it is with amazement to watch the hordes of people going to the gun shops. They are going in hopes of getting the barbaric tools they once despised to now learn to protect themselves and their families. After a spike in firearm sales during a disaster, the interest seems to end quite quickly once things begin to go back to normal.
Serving A New Type Of Gun Owner
Not everyone who works in the firearm industry is perfect, but they have been perfecting their gear and products to meet the needs of novice gun owners. Purchasing your first gun can be a stressful and daunting task. There are many different types of guns to choose from, and gun sellers and experts seem to be speaking a different language.
Even novice gun people recognize names such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory and Sig Sauer. All of these brands have come out with new products that are perfect for novice gun owners because they are affordable and uncomplicated to use. Novice gun owners simply need an easy-to-use gun that fits in their budget.
It is time for the men of this generation to suck it up. If you find out your wife wants to learn how to shoot a gun and own one, you should realize that even though you are a man you are the last person who should be teaching your wife how to shoot if you don't know how to shoot. It is important to help your wife find a professional teacher so she may learn the proper rules and safety of owning and shooting a handgun.
Allow her to pick out her gun. Do not give her your old gun so that you have an excuse to buy a new one. Keep in mind, your wife may choose a favorite gun that is not the same as your favorite. Make certain she finds a gun that she likes and is comfortable using.
Range Gurus
Anyone who has ever spent time at a gun range knows what a range guru is. It is the people who spend more time bragging about their shooting skills than shooting. They love to brag to you about all their favorite guns and fill your ear with their opinions. This can be very intimidating for a novice shooter. It can also be very intimidating for new gun owners to purchase a gun and then shoot at a gun range before they are comfortable using it. They often feel like everyone is watching them closely and judging how they shoot.
If you are out at a range and see a novice shooter, don't be a judgemental person. You were once a novice as well. Take time to listen to new shooters and encourage them to try new guns and gear if the current ones are not working for them. You can offer them your opinions, but allow them to decide on their own.
Thankfully, gun ownership is becoming more common again in America. Each day, new gun owners and novice shooters are entering the arena. These people need us to nurture them and help them not feel overwhelmed about gun ownership.
Carla Arbuckle

Carla is a staff writer for and She is an avid outdoors enthusiast and photographer. She can be found most weekends fishing and exploring the wilderness.