The Value of Electronic Hearing Protection

I still remember the first time I used electronic hearing protection. When I put the batteries in the device, I could hear all the peaceful sounds around me. Then I shot my gun on the shooting range. The device amazed me because it performed like regular protection that I used before. The electronic hearing protection is beneficial to use.
The purpose of me writing this article is to help you understand how valuable it is and to help you improve what you’re doing. The purpose is not to get you to go and by the ear protection that I sell on my online site.
As someone who spent decades looking at different protective devices that are used to help with gun safety, I know the equipment that can help create a safer environment. I think it’s important for people to know how to use guns in a safe manner. There are benefits to electronic hearing protection. Some of the advantages include the following.
Improves sound quality at low levels
When wearing the electronic hearing protection you can hear animals that are close by that may include a bug or bee. This can be helpful because you’re able to know that something is within 20 feet of you.
Because the sound quality is so good, you’ll be able to hold a conversation with a friend or family member when you are on the shooting range. This can help because you can be told when someone gets injured then you can help the other person without having to take the time to remove your gear.
Improve training sessions
The electronic ear protection can help to mute loud noises when you are in a training session. Students can hear your instructions without taking off their ear protection. This helps if there is an emergency and you need to give a command or if someone has a problem.
Hunting trip benefits
Hunters that are in a state that allows them to use electronic ear protection may benefit from this equipment. They will be able to hear animals in the distance while protecting their ears. The safety equipment amplifies the small noises that occur when your near animals. This helps you protect your safety, and it helps you know when to look for something in your surroundings. You need to check with your state to see if you’re allowed to use electronic hearing protection in your area.
It muffles sounds to safe levels
I’m not an ear doctor, but I know the ear protection that’s used in a lot of the electronic ear protection devices protects your hearing. It muffles loud noises down to a level that helps you hear before damaging your hearing.
Personal experience
I’ve done some dumb things in my life. One thing I did that made little sense happened when I was a Marine. My job during machine gun school was to move trucks that needed repairs. One day I shot a gun unprotected because I listened to someone's advice. I knew I was wrong when I shot the gun unprotected, which caused hearing damage. Whenever you shoot a gun it can damage your ears.
Protect your hearing
It’s important to wear some ear protection when you use guns. You may decide you don’t want to use electronic ear protection but you need to use something even if it’s earmuffs. Wearing your protection will help you maintain your hearing so you don’t experience hearing loss that can happen if you don’t wear any protection.
Over the years, I developed Tinnitus, so my ears ring all the time. I know the value of protecting your ears before it damages your hearing. Once your ears start ringing, it’s difficult to stop.
Cost is not a consideration
The price of getting regular ear protection that will muffle all the sounds you hear can be $25 in the store. You can buy electronic ear protection and still hear the sound you need to hear. Yes, it’s true that electronic ear protection costs more. The electronic ear protection is about $5 more to muffle loud sounds. I think it’s worth spending an extra $5 to hear the things you need to hear while wearing your ear protection.
Joshua Keaton

Joshua is our senior staff writer for and He is an avid hunter, clay shooter and amateur photographer.