Considerations You Should When Choosing a Gun Belt

When deciding on a gun belt that will work best for your method of carrying, there are a few things you must consider before making your final purchase. Firstly, whether you are open carrying or concealing the weapon, a dedicated gun belt is the only way to guarantee the security of the gun and your safety.
Most belts that are created specifically for guns come in sturdy, thick leather or nylon belts, but the biggest, thickest gun belt of them all may not be the best option when it comes to carrying a concealed gun. Below are just a few of the considerations to make before purchasing a gun belt.
Choosing the Correct Belt Rigidity for Your Preferred Method of Carrying
The primary benefit of owning a decent gun belt is that they are designed specifically to handle the weight of your firearm, the holster in which you place it and any other safety gear that comes along with it. Rather than going out and buying the sturdiest gun belt you can find from a retailer you know and trust, be sure to consider how you'll be carrying the weapon, first.
When you open carry in the strong-side hip method, you'll want to wear a completely different design than one that is created specifically to conceal your weapon in the appendix carry position. For strong-side hip carry, choose a belt that is made with steel-enforced leather or a thicker more durable nylon belt.
If you plan to carry a concealed gun in the appendix position, you'll want to find a belt that offers a sturdy yet thin fabric that easily molds to the movement of your body. Thicker gun belts that are mistakenly used for concealment may alert others to the fact that you're concealing a weapon due to the height in which they can extend from the body. Going with a sturdy thin and pliable belt that easily moves with you throughout the day is an ideal option for concealed carry.
Buckle Designs can Make or Break the Overall Purpose of Your Gun Belt
Every belt has to have a belt buckle, but the style and size of the buckle can be a detriment to your gun belt. When you consider the method in which you carry a gun with your belt, be sure to think about the size of the buckle on your gun belt.
Belts with a large hefty buckle may not work well for appendix carry but work wonderfully for those who are carrying their gun in the strong-side hip method. If you're concerned about how easy it will be to wear the belt every day, then make sure that you choose a gun belt with a buckle that will slide easily through the belt loops in your pants.
Those who carry their guns in the appendix position will have to consider the sizing of buckles as well. Buckles that are too large may need to be offset of the center of your pants to accommodate for the holster of your gun which can draw attention to your waist.
Selecting the Best Material for Your Favorite Carrying Method
Though it is not uncommon to see standard belts made from leather or nylon, it is far less common to find these belts reinforced with steel to keep them rigid. Most leather gun belts are developed with a strong steel inlay but many nylon belts created to carry a gun, use multiple layers to create the right rigidity.
Select from the thinner, more discreet gun belts made with nylon to best conceal the fact that you are carrying a gun. Because thicker gun belts can leave a noticeable ring around your waist regardless of wearing your shirt tucked in or flowing freely, it's vital to consider how you will dress and whether or not the thickness of the belt will cause printing through your clothing.
You can choose nearly any dedicated gun belt style you like if you're carrying in the strong-side hip position, but you'll want to make sure that the belt is strong enough to secure the weapon as well as its holster and other safety equipment.
Though wearing a gun belt to carry your weapon might seem like a simple process, ensuring that you take all safety precautions and issues of comfort into account when making your decision is absolutely vital. Considering that many wear guns in the appendix position for protection, it is crucial to make sure that the belt you choose for your gun will not draw any attention.
Don't forget to keep these tips in mind when searching for your dedicated gun belt so that you can rest assured that you and your weapon will be safe and secure while still leaving your weapon easily accessible in case of any impromptu emergencies.
Carla Arbuckle

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