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Taurus LogoTaurus USA is a subsidiary of the Brazilian multinational manufacturing company, Forjas Taurus.  Taurus USA was established in 1984 to better serve the U.S. market.

Forjas Taurus was in 1939 initially as a tool and die manufacturer in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company currently consists of several divisions to better address the production of firearms, metals and plastics, helmets and other civil construction equipment, and body armors. The Model 3888101S0 was Taurus’ first revolver. In 1968, Taurus began exporting revolvers to the U.S.A.  For a time, Smith & Wesson and Forjas Taurus were connected under the Bangor Punta Corporation.  When Beretta won a contract to manufacture firearms for the Brazilian army, Taurus bought Beretta’s manufacturing plant in Sao Paulo including tools, technical drawings and work force. In 1997, the company bought the rights and equipment to produce Rossi revolvers - the .38 special, and four .357 magnum models.

Taurus’ current product line includes polymer-frame pistols, steel-frame pistols, submachine guns and rifles (for law enforcers), and revolvers.  Taurus’ prices are very competitive due to the low labor costs and its ability to manufacture all needed parts. Taurus firearms are fitted with security system that prevents a gun from firing.  Taurus guns are low cost but of high quality. The Millennium model series which is based on the PT line is very popular to American gun owners.

The PT92 is one of the most successful hand guns by Taurus. This model is similar to a Beretta model 92 but has the added ambidextrous frame safety. The Raging Bull revolver is also a product of Taurus and the PT1911 is its latest pistol model. The Judge 5-shot and the Tracker revolvers with the cylindrical design that can accommodate .45 Colt cartridges and .410 bore shotgun shells.

Some of the semi-automatic pistols manufactured by Taurus are the Millennium series, PT22, Model 25, PT 24/7, TCP 732, Model 809, the Slim series and more. Small frame revolvers are Model 327, Model 405, Model 445, Taurus CIA, Taurus Protector and more.  Compact frame revolvers are Model 617 and 817. The Taurus Model 82 .38 Special and Model 65 are medium frame revolver whereas the Taurus Model 608 8-shot .357 Magnum is a large frame revolver. The Taurus SRT is a submachine gun while the Taurus ART556 is an assault rifle.

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