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Springfield Armory LogoSpringfield Armory was the US Government Federal Armory which was actually founded by George Washington himself. The armory was seized function in 1968 as it was close by the federal government. Thereafter, Elmer C. Balance took the name Springfield Armory and registered it as the name of his company established to manufacture the civilian edition of the M14 rifle. In 1974, Elmer C. Balance began his firearms manufacturing company in San Antonio Texas then Devine, Texas. His edition of the M14 rifle was named M1A rifle.

Springfield Armory, Inc gained a following and became quite popular. Balance took advantage of the plant’s momentum and sold the company to the Reese family. Springfield soon expanded and started its production of its first pistol which was the M1911. The success of the company was unstoppable that soon it branched out into the production of varied firearms.

M1991 Pistols

Springfield Armory is noted for its M1991 pistol series and M1A rifle series. The M1911 is a semi-automatic, single-action, recoil-operated and magazine-fed handgun which is chambered for .45 ACP cartridge. This firearm was designed by John M. Browning and was a standard-issue handgun for the US Armed Forces from 1911 up to 1985.  To date Springfield Armory has several submodels of the 1911 and they are Range Officer™, Trophy Match ™,  TRP™, MIL-SPEC, Loaded, Operator®, EMP™ and the customized pieces.

The Range Officer™ is an affordable pistol ideal for shooting competitions. It is built with the same characteristics and quality as the Trophy Match ™ and TRP™ but less the extras to make it more affordable. This piece is also upgradable.

The Loaded version is truly “loaded” with its precision-fit forged frames, barrels and slides, mainspring housing that is flat-serrated, rear and front cocking serrations, flared and lowered injection port, titanium firing pin, delta lightweight hammer and more.  Variants of this submodel are P19132LP, P19134LP, PX9104LP, PX9109LP, PX9130LP and PX9142LP.

The Mil-Spec is a step-up from the G.I which was the US military issue. It is fitted with high-hand grip, high-profile 3-dot sight, throated barrel and polished feed ramp, beveled magazine well, angled-sided serrations and lowered/flared ejection port. Variants of this line are PB9108LP and the PB9151LP.

M1A Rifles

The M1A is patterned after the military-issue M14 rifle. This civilian version was first manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc in 1974.  The M14 is US counterpart of the AK-7 and was used during the US-Vietnam War. The M1A and M14 are almost identical save for a few modifications. The M1A receivers are made from AISI 8620 alloy steel cast whereas the M14 receivers used the more expensive and complicated drop forge process.  The M1A has omitted the 7.62 mm caliber designator.  Under the M1A are submodels such as the Standard M1A™, National Match M1A™, SOCOM 16, Squat Squad™, Loaded M1A™, Super Match M1A™, SOCOM II and the M21™ Tactical.

The National Match M1A ™ is a credible rifle for shooting competitions. This submodel is fitted with features such as medium weight barrel, recoil spring guide, gas system assembly, front sight, hooded rear sight assembly, flash suppressor and trigger assembly. Variants are NA9102M1A and the NA9802M1A.

The SOCOM II is a compact yet powerful close-range battle rifle.  It is fitted with a 16-inch barrel which is made possible by its retuned gas system. More accurate and faster follow-up shots are feasible because of the highly efficient muzzle brake that eliminated muzzle-rise.  The cluster rail system can accept all types of light, optic and any other accessory that fits a picatinny rail. Variants are the AA9627 M1A and the AA9629 M1A.

The M21™ Tactical is supreme in auto-loading accuracy. It is the top choice rifle for elite special ops and law enforcer snipers and sharpshooters.  It is fitted with an adjustable cheek-piece stock which ensures perfect head and scope alignment. It is the leading rifle pertaining to sustained precision firing.

XD Pistols

XD (X-treme Duty) pistol is the Croatian-made HS2000 (Hrvatski Samokres). The series is composed of striker-fired and polymer-framed semi-automatic pistols which are marketed as the Springfield Armory XD or XDM.  The US licensing rights was conferred to  Springfield Armory in 2002 and since then the company has manufactured submodels and variants of the handgun. Currently the submodels are the XD 45 ACP,  XD Subcompact 3”, XD Compact, XD Service Model 4”,Tactical Model 5” and other custom pieces.  

What makes an XD handgun truly special? This series features point and shoot ergonomics, easy disassembly without the use of tools, hammer-forged barrel, ambidextrous magazine release, grip safety and more. The XD 45 ACP won the Handgun of the Year in 2006. The new variant XD (M) won the prestigious award too in 2009.

Product Excellence is synonymous with the brand Springfield Armory, Inc.

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