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Sig Sauer LogoWith 1 in every 3 American law enforcement professionals carrying a Sig Sauer firearm, it is safe to say that Sig Sauer is a prominent company in the firearms industry.  Since its beginning in 1985, Sig Sauer has made its mark in both the civilian and law enforcement markets with its firearms for a range of activities such as self-defense, military, law enforcement, hunting, competition shooting and training. As one of the largest firearms manufacturers in the world and the fastest growing firearms manufacturer in the United States (starting in 2007, it tripled its work force in 30 months, invested US$18 million in high-tech manufacturing facilities and equipment and expanded its engineering base), Sig Sauer is evidently a major player in the firearms industry.

The history of Sig Sauer began in 1853 when the Swiss Wagon Factory developed the Prelaz-Burnand rifle and entered it in a contest hosted by Switzerland’s Federal Ministry of Defense. Upon winning and receiving an order to produce 30, 000 muzzeloading Prelaz-Burnand rifles, the company changed its name to Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG). Over a century later, the company had reached a high level of success in European markets and therefore wanted to expand into the American market.  They began SIGARMS which initially imported all of the firearms from its plants in Europe, until 1990 when it began the production of the P229in .40 S&W in New Hampshire. It changed its name to Sig Sauer in 2007.

High quality manufacturing in its American and European plants and in its sister companies are not the only things that set Sig Sauer apart. The company opened the Sig Sauer Academy which offers training for law enforcement and military officers as well as civilians in gun skills and safety, thereby proving Sig Sauer’s commitment to educating people about the industry.

Sig Sauer produces a wide range of pistols, rifles, short barrel rifles, state complaint pistols & rifles and more. The commitment that Sig Sauer has to its customers is what makes the company so dynamic, making it a great brand for anyone requiring a high quality gun.

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