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Savage Arms LogoArthur Savage was a native of Jamaica. He was schooled in England and the United States and first earned a living by putting up a cattle ranch in Australia.  He then migrated to the United States and settled in Utica, New York where he established Savage Arms in 1894. Savage innovated the hammerless lever action rifle unique then as the whole mechanism was enclosed in a steel receiver. This was called the Model 99 (now out of production) and its commendable feature was its rotary magazine fitted with a counter that showed the remaining number of bullets that remains in the receiver.

A significant event related to the Model 99 is the fact that in 1919 a Native American chief, Lame Deer, purchased lever-action rifles for the Indian reservation. The deal was sealed and as a token of his appreciation the Indian Chief presented Savage with an Indian head logo that became a part of Savage Arm’s official logo.

In less than 20 years, Savage Arms is well established and was in the process of producing handguns, rifles and ammunition.  A wise move for Savage Arms was its merger with Drags-Seabury Ordnance Company, a manufacturer of military equipment and weapons.  The company then proceeded to manufacture Lewis machine guns.  After WW1, Savage Arms absorbed Steven Arms. By 1939, the Model 24 combination gun by Savage Arms, sold more than one million pieces.

Savage Arms went into the full production of heavy munitions such as the Thompson machine gun during World War II. It also produced Model 94 and Model 24.22/.410 combo guns all fitted with Tenite plastic-molded stocks.  After WW II, the company went into the production of motorized lawnmowers.

From 1960 to the 1980s, Savage Arms was owned and sold by several private and public corporations. In 1988 Ronald Coburn was named CEO of the company and filed for bankruptcy protection.  By 1990 the company initiated the development and production of excellent firearms at affordable prices.  Savage Arms developed new products, used new improved materials and added innovative features that were only offered in expensive models.

What made Savage Arms more commendable is the company’s thrust to improve on its products by listening and adopting the ideas and suggestions of hunters and guides.  Savage’s designers actually spent time in the field and acquired hands-on experience on each of their firearm thus fine-tuning its inclusive features as needed.

Another contribution of Savage Arms, thanks to Ron Coburn, is the Snail® System which is actually a bullet trap that effectively decelerates a bullet instead of it disintegrating upon impact.  The Savage Range System has been adopted by numerous firearm manufacturers, the military, law enforcers and private shooting associations all across the United States and some 14 nations.

Savage Arms was able to recuperate its loses that once again became a major player in the firearms industry.  It has released the AccuTriggerTM which is a truly innovative and revolutionary trigger design that could very well set the standard for firearm trigger.

Savage Arms has three major divisions in firearms: Center Fire; Rim Fire and Shotgun.

Center Fire division has the Classic Series, 12 Series Varmint, Weather Warrior Series, Hunter Series, Package Series, Specialty Series, Lightweight Varminter Series, Target Rifle Series, Law Enforcement Series, Axis Series and the Stevens.

Rim Fire firearms are classified as Semi-Automatic Series, the Magnum Series, Single Shot Series, Mark II Series, 17 Series, Rimfire Package Series and the Stevens.

Shotguns include the Slug Guns and the Stevens with submodels as the 512 Gold Wing, 512 Gold Wing Youth, the 320 Pump and the 350 Pump.

A favorite model under the Classic Series is the 14/114 American Classic Stainless.  Its overall length is 42” with the barrel at 22”.  It’s a right-handed rifle that weighs7.5 pounds with a 4-ammo capacity.  This model is already fitted with an AccuTrigger™. Under the Law Enforcement Series is the 10/110 BA is a variant of the early Model 110.  The model’s number was actually based on its price in 1958 which was $109.95. The evolved edition has an overall length of 50.5” and a barrel length of 26”. Its ammo capacity is 6 and its tag price is definitely more than 20 times its debut price.

Savage Arms has opened a plant in Canada and to date exports 97% of its products to the United States. The company continues to produce reliable, accurate yet affordable rifles for the civilian, military and law enforcement agencies.

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