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Sako LogoSuojeluskuntain Ase- ja Konepaja Osakeyhti (Sako) was established in 1921 in order to build and service firearms for the newly established Civil Guard in Finland. Since its beginnings nearly a century ago, the Sako brand has produced a number of high-quality firearms for different types of uses. Its acquisition by the Beretta Holding Group, a family-owned conglomerate in the firearms, optics, trading and distribution industries whose origin can be traced to 1526, has given Sako a vast pool of knowledge, experience and resources to draw upon which have enhanced its product development and market response. As a result, civilians and military personnel have relied on Sako as the manufacturer of their choice firearm due to the high level of accuracy and the premium price.

Being a mature company whose parent has an even longer history has given Sako the advantage of being able to combine its old world craftsmanship with modern technology to create firearms which are high performing and superior. Although CNC technology is used to manufacture the firearms, they nevertheless are inspected by hand and tested heavily before they leave the factory. Such is the high level of quality put into a Sako firearm, it is not uncommon for a Sako firearm to last more than one generation of a family which is why Sako keeps owners’ manuals online of old models so that one can discover how to properly care for their pre-owned firearm. 

Sako originally produced and serviced firearms meant for military purposes, but began to expand into developing competition and hunting rifles.  Sako’s currently features the following firearms: Sako 85 (a sleek and efficient hunting rifle), the Sako A7 (a lightweight hunting rifle with special features that are not available in other Sako), the Sako Quad (a rimfire rifle with interchangeable barrels) and the Sako TRG (a popular sniper rifle used by the militaries of many countries). It also produces its own cartridges and Optilock scope mounts.

Whether you be hunting or defending your country, the premium quality of a Sako firearm will improve your accuracy and performance.

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