Rock Island Armory M5 Pump 12 Gauge

  • M5 Pump
  • M5 Pump
  • Barrel Length : 20''
  • Sights : FT: Bead
  • Gauge : 12 Gauge
  • Receiver Finish : Matte Nickel
  • Overall Length : 40'
  • Magazine Capacity : 2.75' 5+1/ 3' 4+1

The M5 Pump was manufactured by Rock Island Armory. Rock Island Armory manufactured the M5 Pump with FT: Bead sights . This Pump Action action Shotgun shoots 12 Gauge ammunition and has a maximum capacity of 2.75' 5+1/ 3' 4+1 rounds; it has a 20'' inch barrel and a Matte Nickel receiver finish .

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Last updated 01-19-2017

Rock Island Armory 51330 M5 Pump Shotgun .12 GA 20in 5rd Nickel




Armscor/Rock Island M5 12GA 20', Matte Nickel, Black Stock


ARM M5 PUMP 12M/18.75 N SYN

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ARM M5 PUMP 12M/18.75 N SYN

Out of Stock