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Rock Island Armory M1911 A2 FS 22 TCM

  • M1911 A2 FS
  • Sights : Fixed
  • Slide Finish : Parkerized
  • Frame Material : Steel
  • Frame Finish : Parkerized
  • Overall Length : 8.75"
  • Height : 5.5"
  • Magazine Capacity : 17
  • Grip : Black G10 Polymer

The M1911 A2 FS was manufactured by Rock Island Armory. Rock Island Armory manufactured the M1911 A2 FS with Fixed sights and Black G10 Polymer grips. This Single Action action handgun shoots 22 TCM ammunition and has a maximum capacity of 17 rounds; it has a 5.0" inch barrel and a Parkerized frame finish .

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Last updated 03-25-2017

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