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Kimber LogoKimber was formed with the goal of providing high quality firearms as well as non-lethal items for its users. Their firearms are a combination of modern manufacturing technology, combined with a handcrafted assembly and finish, a personal touch to each of the products released. Today, Kimber is a renowned leading manufacturer of high caliber firearms in the US.

The beginnings of Kimber started with the production of rifles, followed by centerfire rifles before having the latest addition of pistols to their extensive selection of firearms. As a champion in the weapons industry, one of its pride and joy is the NRA Publications Golden Bullseye Awards for the Kimber Solo 9mm pistol. In addition, another prestigious achievement is the 2009 Award of Excellence given by Sporting Classics Magazine for the Kimber 84MM Classic Stainless rifle.  

Aside from firearms, Kimber also offers an array of optics. A recent addition in their product line is the non-lethal pepper blast which has a long shelf life of three years as compared to regular pepper sprays.

Unlike other firearms companies, Kimber sets itself apart from its competitors, measuring success not by the amount of firearms sold to their customers, but by concentrating their efforts on customer satisfaction and producing high quality products. A firearm is more than just metal. Kimber understands that it is an extension of protection, a valuable tool for hunting and for winning competitions. Quality is key for optimum performance. It is no wonder that top notch shooters and hunters who only want the best firearms choose Kimber.

Aside from being the biggest producer of the 1911 pistols, Kimber also takes pride in its customers who trust and choose Kimber. Among these include the USA Shooting Team, the LAPD SWAT, and the United States Marines among others.

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