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Glock LogoGlock pistol is designed and manufactured by Glock Ges.m.b.H in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. It is the official service pistol of the Austrian police and military forces in 1982. What makes this firearm different is its material. Polymet-framed, the Glock has been called a “plastic gun”. It is short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistol.

The Glock was met with resistance due to reliability and durability aspects. It was also feared that since it is made of plastic, it will be undetected to metal detectors in airports. In the end, Glock pistols are one of the most successful lines of gun products in the world. It commands 65% of the total gun market share in the U.S.A. and is the firearm of choice for various police and security agencies in the world. The popularity of this handgun has spread amongst civilians and has become the first choice for competition, recreational, self defense and concealed/open weapon.

Gaston Glock’s expertise in making advanced synthetic polymers. He had no working experience in the design and manufacture of firearms. In 1980, the Austrian military expressed that it was looking for a new and modern duty pistol to replace the Walther P38 for its military and police force. The Ministry of Defense came out with a 17-point criterion for the new service pistol. The criteria stipulated that the gun must be self-loading, must fire the standard NATO 9x19mm parabellum round, the magazine must have a minimum of 8 rounds and so on.

Glock conferred and collaborated with leading European gun experts and makers to design and develop a prototype using synthetic materials. After numerous designs, they came out with Gluck 17. The numeral 17 refers to the 17th set of technical drawings for the firearm. In 1982, the Glock 17 guns were submitted to the concerned party for testing. The gun passed the test and was adopted by the Austrian police and military services in 1982. The Glock 17 came out the winner out of 8 other pistols such as P7M8, P7M13, P9S, P220, P226, 92SB-F, FN Herstal and Steyr’s GB. The United States joined the bandwagon for Glock 17 as replacement for the M1911. However the requirements of the Department of Defense would entail extensive retooling of the manufacturing equipment in a short time frame. Nevertheless, the Norwegian and Swedish Armed Forces have adopted Glock 17.

The Glock has evolved through the years, from Gen1 Glock to Gen4 Glock to meet the evolving needs of the military and police forces. Gen2 Glock accommodated a steel plate with stamped serial number to meet American ATF regulations. Gen3 Glocks saw the addition of a universal Glock rail for mounting tactical and laser lights. Gen4 Glocks are ergonomically designed with parts no longer interchangeable with older models.

Operating Mechanism:
9mm short recoil-operated locked breech, semi-automatic pistol with a modified Browning cam-lock system from Hi-Power pistol

Features: spring-loaded claw extractor, stamped sheet steel ejector pinned to the trigger mechanism housing, spring-loaded firing pin cocked in two stages that is powered by the firing pin spring, low slide profile, made of Polymer 2 that is resistant to warping and brittleness, two-stage trigger and more

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