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F.lli Pietta LogoHaving its roots in wilderness shooting, F.LLI Pietta found success in the production of various side by side and over & under hunting rifles. Knight Giuseppe Pietta established it in Italy in 1960.  With the large demand from the US, the company shifted production from the outdoors to replica and reproduction of classic American arm that were popular during the Civil War era. These guns made a huge come back due with the booming success of Cowboy or Western movies in Hollywood. There was a void in vintage firearm manufacturing and the demand was on the increase due to the popularity it had garnered in Hollywood.

The company grew its reputation as being providers of safe, reliable, and sound, replicas. They achieved a place in a very difficult and niche’ market—the historical firearms market. In a position dominated by experts and professionals, bearing the standard was the main concern for F.LLI Peitta. This stands as a testament to the products and services they have been providing since the 1960s. They first made a splash with the 1851 Navy model.  They also added other models like the 1860 Army, the 1858 New Model Army, etc. later on.

F.LLI Pietta perfected single action pistols and came out with its best known model, the 1873 Single Action Pietta Model. This piece was the culmination of great efforts and was introduced to the US market and to Cowboy Shooting enthusiasts in 2002. On the same year, the SASS or Single Action Shooting Society held its very first convention. The SASS is a society of enthusiasts that specializes in Cowboy shooting and firearms. In this event, Knight Giuseppe Pietta’s gun, the 1873 Single Action Peitta Model garnered the accolade of best gun. This award came after only months within its introduction. The trust and praises given to the Pietta is a testament to the quality and overall excellence of their products. In an industry dominated by American brands for an American market, an Italian company has left a great impression and will continue to be a major factor in the future.

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