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EMF Company LogoThe EMF Company, Inc. has made a reputation for providing excellent replicas, or reproductions of classic firearms from a different era. They made their first mark providing and distributing the Great Western, a reproduction of Colt’s Model 1873 SAA. Due to the popularity of cowboy films, there was a great demand back in the 1950’s for single action revolvers. Colt had seized production and declined to resume. For more than 50 years, the EMF Company has gone around the world, supplying various remakes of Colt’s cowboy pistols. The conclusion of these efforts was the introduction of the Great Western II, an authentic replica of the 1873 Colt.

Driven by personnel who have a genuine passion for classic pistols, the EMF Company provides its customers with quality products that are authentic but safe, and at best prices. They also pride themselves in providing friendly, personal customer service, standing behind their products 100%. The high demand for Wild West guns are also fueled by the remarkable growth of Cowboy Sport Shooting, more presently know as the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Needless to say that from an early stage, the EMF Company has been a big sponsor for the SASS, and the roots of the company are actually founding members of the Single Action Shooting Society. 

The reason for why the EMF Company, Inc. is very in demand in such markets as movies and hardcore enthusiasts is its being true to tradition.  Both the movie industry and the shooting societies want to emulate how the guns were back in the 1800s. The demand for such perfection of duplication for classic firearms had to meet both aesthetic and performance standards.  From capturing the classic look and feel of the guns for the cameras, to the authenticity of how it would handle under fire for the scrutiny of shooting enthusiasts, the EMF Company Inc. has prided itself for being the first name that comes to mind if you’re looking to meet these qualities.

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