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Darne LogoA Darne rifle is one of the most exquisitely crafted guns you can get, with each design on the barrel bearing unique and intricate decorations. Many people say that Darne rifles are always unique because they are fully customizable. Suited to any client type’s taste and needs, from the kind of wood, the type of design, and the engraving on the rifle’s metal parts, a buyer has the freedom to customize all these aspects of a Darne gun. Furthermore, Darne guns have the reputation of being one of a kind since the metal engravings that are characteristic to their rifles are never the same; hence, each gun remains unique.  All the engravers of Darne also possess the envied nomination of “Best French Workers,” which is a high distinction among craftsmen.

In its rich history, Darne represents the highest quality of gunsmith tradition right when it was established and founded in 1881 by Regis Darne. His high-class guns have been synonymous with lightness, equilibrium, and efficiency. Today, his famous models’ R and V, along with its combination of simplicity and elegance, have established the notoriety of fixed barrel guns. 

Darne has also been the go-to name for high quality arm’s manufacturing in all of St. Etienne, France. One of the main characteristics of a Darne rifle is the sliding-breech, which is activated by a key-lever, allowing the barrels to open easily with just two fingers for precise and efficient reloading. This quality is particularly important when skeet shooting. Another feature that is patented to the Darne rifle’s design is its obturator disks, which provide minimum recoil, taking it easy on your shoulders and diminishing abrupt fatigue. The rifles are also secured by a double safety trigger, eliminating the possibility of accidental shots due to shock, something that many novice users are prone to. The safety is activated by a button on the side of the breech, alternately commanding its sears into cocking position when activated, making it a much safer trigger than the common way found in most rifles.

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