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Bushmaster LogoFounded in 1973, Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC is the leading US manufacturer and distributor of AR-15 type rifles. Its product line includes variants of the AR-15 rifles and semi-automatic rifles.  Bushmaster uses advanced carbon-fiber and aluminum-based AR-15 rifles and other accessories. The brand is well-known for the effort it put into its firearms. Each and every firearm that leaves its plant undergoes tests for quality control.  A Bushmaster firearm is noted for its accuracy, reliability and durability.  Currently it is the best-selling brand for AR-type firearms in the United States.

Bushmaster has provided and continues to provide firearms for the law enforcement organizations and police forces in the United States. Military forces from more than 50 countries are armed with a Bushmaster.  The civilian sector also veer towards a Bushmaster for their recreation, hunting, home defense and competition firearm.

A Bushmaster firearm is generally chambered in a 5.56 NATO with a grade 7076-T6 (forged aircraft) aluminum receivers. Barrels are of 4150 steel with a 1:9 twist rate with chrome lining to increase durability.  Special orders are accepted for 1:7 rifling. To date, Bushmaster offers firearms for hunting, law enforcers, military, competition and home defense and security.

Bushmaster Hunting Models

Bona fide hunters require different types of hunting guns and Bushmaster claims that it has the right rifle crafted to perfection for varied types of hunting. Currently it offers Bushmaster 308 Hunter, Bushmaster .308 ORC, Bushmaster A-TACS Predator, Bushmaster A-TACS Varminter, Bushmaster Predator, Bushmaster Varminter, Bushmaster Varminter and Bushmaster .450 Rifle & Carbine.

The Bushmaster 308 Hunter is a caliber .308 Win/7.62 NATO and has an overall length of 38.25”.  It has a 5-round magazine capacity and a mid-length gas system for smoother recoil. Its 20” fluted profile barrel is chrome-lined for more durability, accuracy and ease of maintenance.

The Bushmaster Varminter is a caliber 5.56mm or .223 Rem. Its magazine capacity is 5 rounds and is capable of accepting M16 and AR 15 type shells.  This is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle which is unique as it’s ergonomically designed pistol grip is ambidextrous.

Bushmaster Competition Models

Included under this line are the Bushmaster Target Model Rifle A2 20", Bushmaster Target Model Rifle A3 20" SS, Bushmaster Target Model Rifle A3 20", Bushmaster Target Model Rifle A3 20" SS, Bushmaster Target Model Rifle A3 24", Bushmaster DCM-XR Series Competition Rifles: A2 Model and the Bushmaster DCM-XR Series Competition Rifles: A3 Model.

The Bushmaster DCM-XR Series Competition Rifles: A3 Model has all the features needed by bona fide and serious competitors.  This model is the top choice for DCM (Department of Civilian Marksmanship) Competition Shooters. This rifle is akin to a stock AR-15 rifle but has all the modifications needed to give it a competitive edge. To accept interchangeable apertures, the M16A2 dual aperture rear sight was modified to better suit the user’s preference and vision.  The front sight is available in widths of 0.052 inch and 0.062 inch and ground in three sides for more clarity.  A set of screw secures the front sight base to prevent movement when the rifle is set to “zero”.

Home Defense and Recreation Models

Bushmaster has a line of firearms specifically designed and manufactured for home defense and recreation. The variants are great for target shooting in the field or at the range.  Under pistols are Carbon 15 - 9mm Pistol, Carbon 15 Type 97 Pistol, Carbon 15 Type 97S Pistol, and Carbon 15 Type 21S Pistol. Under carbines and rifles are the MOE .308 Mid-Length, Bushmaster® .308 ORC, Carbon 15 9mm Carbine, Carbon 15 Flat-Top Carbine, Bushmaster O.R.C.© (Optics Ready Carbine), Bushmaster Modular Carbines,  MOE Mid-Length,  MOE Dissipator, Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine, Bushmaster 7.62x39mm Carbine, M4 Type "Post-Ban" Carbine , Carbon 15 Model 4 and the Bushmaster SuperLight Carbines.

The Carbon 15 is a lighter version of the AR-15. This is available as pistols or rifles. The upper and lower receivers are made of polymer instead of aluminum or steel to save weight. There are Bushmaster models that do away with the dust cover, forward assist and use thinner barrel for a lighter model.

Bushmaster Military

Bushmaster has designed, developed and produced military firearms fit to use for all-terrain setting- urban, jungle, desert and more. The carbines and rifles were designed and produced fitting for foot soldiers.  The firearms are both non-corrosive and ultra-light. There are more than 50 nations with their military sector armed with Bushmaster rifles. Variants in this category are the Bushmaster 11.5" Bbl. Entry Carbine, Bushmaster M4 A2/A3 Type Carbines, Bushmaster BA50 Rifles, Bushmaster 20" Bbl. M16 A2/A3 Type Rifles, Bushmaster 16" Heavy Bbl. A2/A3 Carbines and the Adaptive Combat Rifle or ACR.

The ACR is the first and only rifle that is modular. The user can change the rifle’s caliber, stock configuration and barrel lengths in minutes without using any tools. This is Bushmaster’s most adaptive and versatile rifle which was brought about by a collaborative effort of Magpul, Bushmaster and Remington. The ACR could well be the ultimate military combat weapon. This ambidextrous firearm has been rigorously tested in all possible conditions and situations.

Bushmaster Law Enforcement

All pistols and rifles under this category are designed for dependability, accuracy and agility. This line has full automatic and semi-automatic firearms for the police force and other law enforcement organizations. Models are the Bushmaster 11.5" Bbl. Entry Carbine, Bushmaster 11.5" Bbl. Entry Carbine,  Bushmaster M4 Type Carbines, Bushmaster 16" Heavy Barreled Carbine, Bushmaster Carbon 15 9mm Carbine, Bushmaster O.R.C.® (Optics Ready Carbine), Bushmaster M4 "Patrolman's" Carbine, Bushmaster 6.8mm SPC Rifle, Bushmaster 7.62x39mm Carbine,  Quad Rail Patrolman's Carbine and of course a prime choice is  the highly desirable ACR.

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