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Browning LogoJohn Browning (1855-1926) was aprolific non-military firearms designer and inventor. His gun designs weremanufactured by renowned America gun companies such as Colt, Winchester and Remington.  In 1927, the Browning Arms Company was foundedin Utah initially to manufacture and market the designs of the late JohnBrowning.

Browning became a brand tocontend with in the gun industry. The company grew in leaps and bounds and hasnow expanded their market in the design and manufacture of sport bows, fishingrods and other related products. The company has developed a niche in the fieldof firearm design and manufacture and currently has line for a variety offirearms such as rifles, shotguns, pistols and rimfire guns.

The gun company is renowned forthe Browing BPS shotgun, the X-Bolt rifle and the A-Bolt rifle. In thesemi-automatic division, popular are the Auto-5 shotgun, the BAR rifle and theHi-Power 9 mm pistol. There are about 255 firearms currently manufactured andsold by the company.

 Under the Shotgun category are: Maxus; A5; Cynergy; Silver;Citori; BPS; A-Bolt; Gold and BT-99. The popular A5 is the Browning Automatic5. It’s a recoil-operated semi-automatic shotgun designed by John Browninghimself. This shotgun is an auto-loader capable of five shots with four in themagazine.  Variants under A5 are the A5stalker and A5 Hunter.

Available in the Rifle categoryare: X-Bolt rifle; A-Bolt rifle; BAR rifle and BLR rifle. The A-Bolt rifle hasa bolt-action rifle with a non-rotating sleeve. It is fitted with a 3-guideribs that are aligned with 3 locking lugs which delivers precise movement.  The 3-locking lugs are responsible for thebolt’s strength. The bolt’s smooth is mainly due to the cartridge depressorthat stays in its position free from the bolt’s position. Unique in this modelis the free-floating barrel and the glass-embedded recoil lug.

Rimfire rifles or guns aredifferent because the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge as you pullits trigger. There are several rimfires by Browning and they are the T-Bolt,Buck-Mark rifles, BL-22, Semi-Auto 22, Buck-Mark pistols and the 1911-22.  The 1911-22 is a mini version of the all-timefavorite pistol, 22 L.R. The 1911-22 is an exact scaled-down replica made fromaluminum alloy finished in matte blue. The stainless steel barrel block andtarget crown is unique so is its single-action trigger and straight blow backaction which ensures the pistol’s reliability.

The 1911-22 also falls underPistol so do the Buck Mark pistol series and Hi Power pistol series. There arecurrently 15 pistols under the Buck Mark pistol series such as the Buck MarkCamper and Buck Mark Hunter. Extra barrels are also available from Browning.

 Over the years, Browning expandedits operation by branching-out to other products such as Outdoor Clothing, GunSafes, Knives, Gun Safes and Cases and Fishing Gears.

To date, Browning Arms Company isknown as a Firearms and Sporting Goods company. It is based in Mountain Greenin Utah.  It has been absorbed by FabriqueNationale de Herstal.

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  • Leverage
    The Leverage was manufactured by Browning. There are 1 different type(s) of Leverage’s listed for sale. The Leverage can be purchased as 177 BB and is priced at $179.