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Boss & Co LogoThomas Boss, a master gunsmith, founded Boss & Co. in London, England in 1812. He was an apprentice of Joseph Manton who was one of the best gunmakers during that era. Later, Boss worked for James Purdey who was also an established brand in rifles and guns. In 1891, John Robertson acquired the gun company left by Boss. As a sub-contractor of Boss, Robertson had much experience in the assembling and finishing of guns. Two of his most noteworthy designs were the 1894 Boss single trigger and the 1909 Boss low profile over & under shotgun.

In 1980, the production of the over & under gun was reduced due to its high cost and financial crisis of the company. In 1990, a great grandson of John Robertson, Tim, joined the company. In 1993, Tim Robertson was the managing director and it was about this time that production was increased. It became the company’s ongoing mission/vision to afford the shooting public the best hand-crafted guns made by highly-skilled gunsmiths. By the late 1990s, the company produced its very first .470 over & under double rifle. By 1999, the company transferred hand and was temporarily managed by Gavin Gardiner with the business office moved to Mount Street. In 2001, Keith Halsey, a shareholder of Heckler & Koch, bought Boss & Co. Currently, the company operates in Kew Green, London.

Though the company’s stringent quality-control was slightly relaxed to permit the development and manufacture of a lower-priced box lock gun with the brand “Robertson”, Boss & Co. continues to stay true to the methods, skills and gun craftsmanship passed down through two centuries of excellent gunmaking. Boss & Co. guns are bespoke. Order for a gun takes about two years to complete.

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