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Bond Arms LogoSize isn’t everything especially when it comes to the Bond Arms derringer handgun, the smallest usable handgun which really packs a punch. The Bond Arms company was created in 1995 in Granbury, Texas and specializes in the production of derringer handguns; in fact, it is one of the most popular and largest manufacturers of derringer handguns in the world. Bonds Arms is proud to assert that they are 100% American – their derringer handguns are build exclusively in the US and all of the materials used to make the parts of the handgun (including the grips and holsters) are made in the US.

Derringer handguns are one of the most compact and lightweight handguns available as they are utilized as a concealed weapon for self-defense. The American-made Bond Arms derringer handguns are the technologically advanced enhancement of the original derringer pistol that was made by Henry Deringer. Offering a variety of calibers and customized holsters and grips, it is no wonder that the Bond Arms derringer handgun is the 11-time Single Action Shooting Society world champion. The design of a Bond Arms derringer handgun is modular, meaning that the pieces of the handgun can be taken apart and upgraded; for example, you can change the barrel length, add or remove the trigger guard, install different grip shapes and even change the caliber.

Bond Arms features the following derringer handguns: the Bond Ranger, the Snake Slayer, the Snake Slayer IV, the Texas Defender, the Cowboy Defender, the USA Defender, the Century 2000 and the Bond Mini.  As previously mentioned, Bond Arms handguns are modular so you can upgrade and customize your pocket pistol.

For the most compact handgun which is the modern version of a classic favorite, a Bond Arms derringer handgun is sure to be the firearm for you. The strength and the performance of Bond Arms derringer handgun shows that good things can come in small packages.

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