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Black Hills Ammunition LogoSince 1981, Black Hills Ammunition has been a leading manufacturer of ammunition in the US. As the match 5.56 ammunition supplier for the US Military’s Service Rifle teams and the supplier of specialty ammunition for specific military operations, power and performance are what Black Hills Ammunition delivers; after all, if the military deems it fit to utilize in its operations, then it will definitely be a wise choice for civilians looking for top quality ammunition. Black Hills Ammunition is an excellent choice for military, law enforcement, gun manufacturers and civilians.

Since the quality of the ammunition is just as important as the quality of the firearm it’s being shot from, Black Hills Ammunition upholds superior quality and performance for every piece of ammunition it produces.  In fact, every round of ammunition produced by Black Hills Ammunition is inspected by its quality control staff before it leaves the factory to ensure excellence. The utmost attention to performance has made Black Hills Ammunition the ammunition of choice for many firearms manufacturers when they are testing their products during development; ArmaLite, Beretta, Browning, Cimarron, Colt's Manufacturing, Colt's Defense, DPMS, Dakota Arms, Detonics, FN, Freedom Arms, GA Precision, H&R 1871, Heckler and Koch, Iron Brigade Armory, Kimber, Landtee, Lewis Machine, Marlin, McMillan Brothers, Mossberg, Patriot Arms, Robar, Rock River Arms, Savage Arms, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Sturm Ruger, Texas Brigade Armory, and Wilson Combat are companies that rely on Black Hills Ammunition in their testing and development phase.

Black Hills Ammunition provides ammunition for a vast number of rifles and handguns.  Depending on your needs, there are four product lines which offer top quality so that you can excel whether you are hunting or protecting our country: factory new, remanufactured, Black Hills Gold and cowboy action. Each product line offers unparalleled dependability and performance for any type of shooter.  For quality that even the military depends on, you can’t go wrong with Black Hills Ammunition.

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