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Bersa LogoFor quality that is easy on the pocket, Bersa is an excellent choice for those in the market for a great firearm. Founded in Argentina in 1958 by three mechanical engineers, Bersa has since been known for providing lightweight, topnotch semi-automatic handguns for a wide range of uses. Whether it is for sport shooting or personal defense, it has a top performance firearm to suit your needs at excellent value, making it a popular brand among law enforcement officers, military personnel and civilians.

Understanding that being able to own a high-quality handgun for sport or for protection should not have to compromise quality with cost, Bersa combines experience with innovative technology in order to provide its patrons with reliability, quality and performance at an affordable piece. This has made it recognized as one of the country’s major civilian firearm producers, contributing to Argentina’s status as the second largest arms producer and exporter in all of Latin America. The reputation of Bersa has transcended beyond the borders of this continent as it gradually becomes known and appreciated in the United States. Aside from being able to meet the needs of seasoned professionals and enthusiasts, Bersa is known for being accommodating to new and growing market segments such as women and first-time gun owners. Being able to cater to several national markets and a variety of demographics has proven that many are respecting the quality and value of Bersa.

Bersa’s product line consists of the BP CC 9, the Thunder 380, the Thunder 380 CC, the Thunder 380 Plus, the Thunder 380 Combat, the Thunder 32, the Thunder 22, the Thunder Pro Ultra Compact (9mm, .40 and .45) and the Thunder Pro HC (9mm and .40). Each handgun comes with the Bersa lifetime service contract which guarantees free service and the repair of any defects or malfunction (excluding the finish, grips, sights or magazine) to the original purchaser.

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