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Bernardelli LogoBernardelli’s history in the business does not just evolve around the founder’s interest of profits. It is interesting to note that the history of Bernardelli almost coincides with Valle Trompia’s history, a known valley located within the city of Brescia. This city is famous for sporting and hunting firearms. The initial small artisan workshops mainly evolved from 1600 and 1700. The company, owned by Vicenzo Bernardelli, officially started making handguns for the army in 1865.

Aside from shotguns, the company also makes handguns, which include automatic handguns, revolvers and small caliber ones. Bernardelli is recorded to be the first ever Italian firm to produce semi automatic shotgun in 1947. This was produced until the end of 1960s. Given the milestones that the company has, it is safe to claim that Bernardelli is a leader in the field of R&D and innovation in firearm production.

Aside from making hunting handguns and shotguns, the company is also known to be active within the military sector. The company primarily designed a kind of assault weapon as well as a semi automatic shotgun dubbed as Galil. This gun was under the license of the Israeli Army. During the 1980s and 1990s, the company produced an innovative over and under shotgun as well as a double stack handgun. With the interval of new products that the company produces, Bernardelli has gained a great reputation in the firearm production industry.

Towards the end of 1990s, Bernardelli decided to transfer into a new facility that is also quite near Brescia. After the company transferred into a new location, it started focusing on the manufacturing of semi automatic shotguns as well as pump guns, rifles and side shotguns.  

With the quality of its products and reliability of its staff, Bernardelli has set standards in the firearm market that challenges its competitors to come up with more designs and products. Bernardelli is a tried and tested name in the industry that gun experts have learned to love.

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