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Beretta LogoThe BarretFirearm Manufacturer, a US Based company was founded in the year 1982 by RonnieBarret with the purpose of manufacturing a semi-automatic rifle that can usethe powerful 12.7×99mm NATO (.50 BMG) ammunition, that was developed to serviceand be used in the M2 Browning machine guns. The gun was developed by RonnieBarret himself during the early 1980''s and the first working prototype wasintroduced by Barret himself in 1982 which was aptly called M82 for the year itwas first introduced to the public.

What wasinteresting with Barret''s semi-automatic rifle was that he personally handledand produced each part of the weapon himself and went to market and producedthe M82 himself and with his own personal fortune which was unheard before inthe arms manufacturing business. The whole arms industry was surprised at theM82 semi-automatic rifle which was chambered by the rather powerful round whichwas originally chambered for a machine gun and was absolutely have devastatingimpact on a target resulting in an immediate KIA. Barret continued to developedthe M82 throughout the 1980''s and developed a more improved version calledM82A1 in 1986 although the arms industry was still not convinced as to theeffectively of the semi-automatic rifle at that time with no actual battlefieldexperience to claim of except test firing it on the firing ranges. 

The Barrretrifle gained attention in 1989 with the first mass order coming from Sweden andthus fortunes changed for Barret''s company. He was able to convince the US Armyto order the Barret Rifle which was successfully deployed during the Gulf Warand which generally made an impact in actual battlefield situation withdevastating effectiveness. It was during this time at the Gulf War that theBarret sniper rifle gained admiration from the different countries armed forceswhich gave the company respectability in the arms field and thus was able toproduce and developed more models patterned after the .50 BMG chambered riflesnamely the M95, M99, and M99-1 models which are lighter and more lower costrifles but equally devastating in performance.

The Barret wasso successful in actual performance that the US Army has already incorporatedthe weapon in its arsenal and is already using the improved M82A3 and the newerversion M107. The latter that is specifically made for targets which areanti-materiel while the M107 is specifically designed to be used on softtargets and usually used by teams in the explosive ordinance disposal group andis used with special military HEIAP ammunition, its power isnot required for anti-personnel use: the heavy recoil and weight are anunnecessary penalty. The Barret rifles performance thus gained more  admiration from armed forces of so manycountries and with the development of a newer and much improved version whichwas called M107A1 which was introduced and sold for commercial release thuspaving way for more financial success for the Barret Company and available to abigger market which not only caters to different countries armed forces but tovarious security firms as well as different Police agencies and specializeteams like SWAT and other law enforcement agencies. The much improved M107A1was lighter weight overall by 4 pounds and had increased accuracy with amodified cylindrical titanium muzzle brake which can accept the Barretsuppressor and additional modifications which boosted the rifles durability andoperators performance.

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  • M84 FS
    The M84 FS was manufactured by Beretta. There are 1 different type(s) of M84 FS’s listed for sale. The M84 FS can be purchased as 177 BB and is priced at $35.