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Armsan LogoArmsan is a Turkish arm manufacturing company located in Istanbul, Turkey and is part of the Armsan Group of companies consisting of key critical firearms companies with a total of 305 employees. The company is dedicated in the development and production of innovative and superior quality products and has envisioned being a member of the first 10 companies in the World Hunting and Sporting Firearm Sector. Armsan is a combination of KHANSHOTGUNS and ATAARMS companies, the former a young and technologically innovative member of the Turkish Gun Industry and the latter, a firearms company known for its expertise and experience in arms manufacturing.

Armsan produces different products and accessories like the Phenoma Carbo, a 12 gauge 76mm (3 inch) shot gun with soft touch forearm, the A620 C Advantage Timber featuring a 20 gauge and 76mm (3 inch) semi-automatic gas operated shot gun capable of delivering continuous fire power, A612 S Sporting 12 gauge (3 inch) semi-automatic gas operated shot gun with sporting high post ventilated rib for hunting or gun sports.  The company also offers accessories and options like sporting extended choke tubes, or standard choke tubes, barrel extensions, fiber optic front sight, or an LPA adjustable rear sight accessories. Customers can also customize the design and engraving of their firearms by choosing several elegant designs like the Excelsius I or Special engraving.

The company recently released its Armsan Phenoma with a magazine cut-off system that features quick magazine replacement of loaded round in changing hunting or sporting scenarios.  This new 12 gauge 3 inch chamber shot gun sports a recoil pad with a perfect combo of material and engineering design that delivers felt recoil of 1oz loads while shooting 1 and one-fourth oz. loads, which means more accuracy and reliability in real defense scenarios and it comes with a hard plastic casing.

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