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Armi Chiappa LogoIt is known that firearms are an investment due to their high cost for excellent performance. However, you can get the same quality by paying a fraction of the price by purchasing a replica, a service offered by Armi Chiappa. Founded by Ezechiele Chiappa in 1958, Armi Chiappa is one of the pioneers in replica firearms. Its corporate headquarters is located in Brescia Italy, while another main branch is located in Dayton, Ohio.

Today, Armi Chiappa is still well-known for its high quality replica arms. It is fancied by personal firearm enthusiasts, hunters, as well as those who are active in the competitive sports of shooting. With a reputation of highly detailed craftsmanship, Chiappa has evolved over the past 50 years, striving to merge traditional hand workmanship with modern technology.

Two of its most famous products are the Chiappa Rhino, designed by one of the owners of Armi Chiappa, and the Chiappa revolver, produced by Armi Chiappa. Both are known for their unorthodox design, with the barrel situated below the cylinder. As stated by its manufacturer, this company is popular for being innovative, where design meets function. Armi Chiappa’s novel designed firearms have less recoil and reduced muzzle rise. Sleek designs are also ideal for concealing firearms more effectively.

Another popular innovation of Armi Chiappa is the chiappalloy, a first of its kind in the firearms industry. Developed by the company’s Research and Development team, it was formally launched in 1987, boosting strength and durability of the zinc alloy. The chiappalloy is especially useful for replicating the weight of other famous firearms. It is proof that Armi Chiappa is constantly finding ways to improve the technology and service for their clients.

Currently, Armi Chiappa is part of CHIAPPA GROUP, with partnerships from Armi Sport, Kimar, ACP, Costa, and Chiappa Firearms Industry.

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