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ArmaLite LogoFormally known as Eagle Arms and founded in 1954, ArmaLite Inc. is located in Geneseo, Illinois. It is privately-owned and home to an impressive selection of firearms. The company is proud to be an innovator in manufacturing firearms designed with small arms. After adopting and evolving this design, it is now used as an infantry weapon. Some of these rifles include the popular M16 military rifle and the M4 carbine.

Each ArmaLite firearm is carefully produced and marketed to gunslingers who want to invest their money on quality crafted metal. Because of this, the company has remained strong in the last 14 years and continues to show signs that it will dominate the firearms manufacturing industry for the next decades to come.

With a wide range of calibers on its rifles and pistols, ArmaLite Inc. caters to a wide selection of customers, such as private gun owners and various police departments. In addition to manufacturing and reselling, ArmaLite Inc. is also open to other services like selling accessories, bullets, providing a camouflage coat for your gun, and helping through its technical support which is always open and ready to answer further queries on the products and services. Indeed, its reputation for quality and customer service is second to none.

Find out more about the products of ArmaLite. Its newest catalog features an extensive variety of items from high class and well-known manufacturer such as MAGPUL and TRIJICON. The ArmaLite office is located at 745 South Hanford St., Geneseo, IL, 61254.

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