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Anschutz LogoJ. G. Anschutz is a firearms firm based in Germany. It is well-known for creating small and large-bore rifles and shotguns which are used for hunting and target shooting. It was founded by Julius Gottfried Anschutz at Zella-Mehlis in 1856, during the start of the industrialization era in Germany. The small shop grew and flourished to become one of the leading European companies in the field of pistol and rifle manufacturing. However, after the Second World War, most of the Anschutz family evacuated to the other side of Germany and the company’s premises were dismantled. Eventually, brothers Max and Rudolf Anschutz decided to re-establish the family company in Ulm and the rest was history.
Anschutz stands for perfection and innovation. And this has not been changed since its establishment until today’s time. It is well-known all over the world for the precision, accuracy, and workmanship of its products. Although products of Anschutz are not sold to the public directly, purchasing them will not be a problem as Anschutz has a huge and wide international sales network.
Below is a listing of the firearms models of Anschutz:

For hunting: (1) Caliber .22 LR; (2) Caliber .17 Mach 2; (3) Caliber .22 WMR; (4) Caliber .17 HMR; (5) Caliber .22 Hornet and .222 Remington.

For target: (1) Small Bore Biathlon Rifles; (2) 9003 Premium Compressed Air Target Rifles; (3) Compressed Air Target Rifles; (4) Compressed Air Target Pistols; (5) Sports Air Rifles; (6) Small Bore Target Rifles Match 64 Action; (7) Match 54 Action; (8) 20 series square receiver action; (9) Silhouette Rifles; and (10) Model series 64 R

For collectors: (1) 1710 HB 150 Year Anniversary Rifle in 2006 and (2) 9003 150 Year Anniversary Premium Compressed Air in 2006

To those interested to find out more about Anschutz and its product line, they may visit its website at http://www.anschuetz-sport.com/.

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  • 1517 HB Nuss Classic
    Out of Stock
    The 1517 HB Nuss Classic was manufactured by Anschutz. There are 1 different type(s) of 1517 HB Nuss Classic’s listed for sale. The 1517 HB Nuss Classic can be purchased as 17 HMR.