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Anics LogoJCS (Joint-Stock Company) Anics Group in Russia has been in the firearm industry since 1995 and is well-known for its CO2 powered airguns. Eventually, the Anics Group began to expand and started manufacturing a variety of products including different base models and several modifications of pistols under a license agreement with Bertta, a company from Italy. Since Anics manufactures its pistols in its own factory, it is able to ensure quality control of its products.

In 1999, using the Metal Injection Molding or Powder Injection Molding, the Anics Group started manufacturing parts and assembly units for its own use and for other companies as well. This Metal Injection Molding and Power Injection Molding are new technologies which allow the making of parts of superior quality from various steels, ceramics, or other metals without engaging into mechanical cutting.

Pistols manufactured by the Anics Group exceed the performance of similar weapons because of their distinctive characteristics. Every product is said to have at least one unique technical advantage over other similar product manufactured by other companies. For instance, the velocity (which can reach up to 160m/s) of Anics pistols surpasses that of other CO2 pistols.

According to the company, it is essential for the Anics Group to incorporate the following principles in the design of its firearms: (1) wear-proof wear-proof interacting assembly units; (2) reliability of design; (3) maximized comfort in usage and high swiftness in reloading; (4) high shooting speed and precise grouping; (5) high power output in the class; and (6) correspondence to Russian legislation and international standards. And to better satisfy its clients and customers, the Anics Group likewise provides for warranty and (post-warranty) repairs for its products.

The most popular firearm of the Anics Group is its A-3000 Series, said to be a revolutionary design for a CO2 pistol with its CO2 bulb punch, slide catch, single action hammer, movable slide, and adjustable rear sight. With the SKIF A-3000 CO2 pistol, each pellet caliber (4.5 mm) is loaded into a separate roller.

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