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Alfa - Proj LogoFounded and established in the year 1993 in the Czech Republic, ALFA-PROJ is known for manufacturing blank revolvers and producing service handcuffs and leg-irons in different modifications. As the business grew, ALFA-PROJ started exporting its products to different countries all over the world. At the same time, the range of products of ALFA-PROJ became more extensive. The company began introducing the Holek model line revolvers and the ALFA steel model series which showcased its first 357 Magnum revolver.

In 2002, it has been awarded with the much coveted ISO 9001 standard, which evaluates several aspects of the company such as customer satisfaction, product and process planning, and the like. It is also in the same year when ALFA-PROJ started manufacturing the Combat and Defender pistols from 9mm caliber to 45 ACP caliber. ALFA-PROJ continued to thrive and began expanding and enhancing its production. Subsequently, air pistols and rifles used for shooting sport were developed in 2004.

Some of the well-known products manufactured by ALFA-PROJ are the following: (1) blank firing guns; (2) handcuffs and leg-irons; (3) flobert guns; (4) revolvers ALFA steel 357 Magnum; and (5) revolver carbines and rifles.

ALFA-PROJ handcuffs and leg irons (formerly under the name of Ralkem) are said to be of superb quality, reflecting the standard of the company in manufacturing firearms. Although a bit pricey, the handcuffs and leg irons of ALFA-PROJ are very popular in the market.

The revolver carbines and rifles manufactured by ALFA-PROJ are very reliable and resistant. They can also be handled easily despite the long gun version of their revolver system which has a double action trigger method and an automatic drop safety. The best feature of the ALFA-PROJ revolver carbines and rifles is that their range is longer and more effective as compared to short guns.

ALFA-PROJ deals with both production and trade of firearms. It exports the firearms under the trademarks of HOLEK and ALFA and at the same time owns a retail and wholesale trade of a wide range of arms and ammunition.

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