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Akdal LogoUcyildiz Arms Ind. Co. Ltd., also known as Akdal Arms for its very low-priced “Akdal” real handguns, is the leading firearm manufacturer in Turkey today. This Turkish company has likewise dominated the international market, having been exporting its products to many countries all over the world. Known for making quality firearms with relatively low prices, Akdal Arms is highly in-demand in the market and is said to be producing as much as 50,000 pieces per month. It supplies a variety of weapons for the military sector and caters to the private sector at the same time.

Some of the firearms that Akdal Arms manufactures are the air pistols, starter guns, traumatic guns, air rifles, rifles and shotguns, single barrel shotgun, semi-automatic shotguns, and pump action shotguns. On the other hand, the popular guns that Akdal Arms are known for are the Blank Firing Replica Guns know as “Blow” and the Air Guns, referred to as “Voltran”. Another favorite model is the Akdal MKA 1919 which is said to meet the demand of both the civilian and security sectors. Although resembling the M16 rifle with its appearance and many of its control and functions such as the location of its manual safety, the Akdal MKA 1919 is nevertheless deemed to be a very unique semi-automatic shotgun for its very light weight which is largely attributed to its use of modern composites of high strength.

Aside from manufacturing firearms, Akdal Arms also offers a variety of services to the public, ranging from sales and distribution to design and even to customer support. With the quality products it manufactures and exports and the comprehensive services it offers, it is of no surprise that Ucyildiz Arms Ind. Co. Ltd., or Akdal Arms has been certified to be of ISO 9001 standard. Said standard covers different aspects of the company or organization’s activities such as understanding and meeting customer requirements, customer satisfaction, product and process planning, and monitoring and measurement of processes and products.

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