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AirForce Airguns LogoAirforce Airguns is an American company involved in the manufacture of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles. Known as Gunpower Airguns in the United Kingdom, the company was founded in 1994, Fort Worth, Texas. What makes these guns appealing to the public and private sectors are its sleek, lightweight, inexpensive and accurate shot. The rifle’s design facilitates quick and easy attachment of accessories as well as power adjustment.

Released in 1999 was Airforce Airgun’s original Talon (Storm). The next upgrade was released in 2001 with Talon SS (Shadow). The latter model has a shorter barrel and longer frame which resulted in a quieter rifle. The Talon SS, considered a legal firearm by BAFTE, is used extensively by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for vermin control. The Condor (SSS) was released in 2004. This model has more power with its longer barrel, heavier hammer and larger valve earning it the distinction of being the “most powerful mass-produced .22caliber airgun”. A newly released model called the TalonP is a pistol variant of the Talon platform. Offered in .25 caliber, the firepower of this model when combined with heavier pellets is more than 50 ft-lbs.

All rifles are largely made from aluminum except the trigger mechanism which is made from steel. The barrels of Airforce Airguns are made by a German company called Lothar Walther. To date all Airforce Airguns models are offered in .25 cailber. Barrels are interchangeable to modify power or caliber of the rifle.

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