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Accuracy lnternational LogoAccuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer. Based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, the company was founded in 1978 by Malcolm Cooper, MBE (1947-2001), Martin Kay, Sarah Cooper, and weapon designers Dave Craig and Dave Walls. Cooper was an Olympic gold medalist in shooting while all the other co-founders were excellent national or international target shooters.

In 2005, Accuracy International was liquidated. It was bought by two of the original founders, Dave Walls and Dave Caig in conjunction with a British conglomerate. Currently (2014) the company is owned by Tom Irwin, Dave Walls and Paul Bagshaw. Former partner Dave Caig is now a company consultant.

Accuracy International is well-known for its highly accurate sniper rifles used by police forces and military units the world over. The company’s rifle system has gained quite following and success because of design specifications and manufacture. Accuracy International rifles remain hand-built in spite of its huge demand. One of the most successful rifles by the company is the AWSM or Arctic Warfare Super Magnum, which holds the world record for the longest confirmed and recorded sniper kill.

The design team of Accuracy International makes sure that each and every rifle stock is designed ergonomically. The design team of the company knows that for more gun accuracy, points to consider reduced recoil and comfort and ease in holding the rifle.

The barrel of any Accuracy International rifle is interchangeable with other calibers. The barrel is clamped in a vise and then removed. The other barrel is screwed -in and tightened using a torque wrench. What makes every Accuracy International rifle “accurate” is its firearm action’s 4-screw bolting and epoxy bonding to an aluminum firearms receiver where primary components of the AWSM rifle are attached. This rifle’s accuracy is close to perfect. With the addition of a folding stock handle, this rifle is recommended for walking snipers and for HALO insertions.

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