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AGS Logo The Advanced Guns System (AGS) is a well-known naval gun system that was developed and introduced by BAE Systems Armaments Systems specifically for the United States Navy. The first ever magazine was delivered to the US Navy on May 25, 2010. AGS initially started in a vertical gun type — which is a155mm caliber gun. AGS is intended to provide a weapon system that can allow précised munitions with high rate of fire. Over-the-horizon ranges were considered as well. The caliber of the AGS is almost similar to those of the American field artillery forces. However, it does not have the same ammunition. Instead, this range of ammunition is still being developed for this weapon. The gun barrel is about 60 calibers long. It is capable of firing the entire magazine for 300 rounds. The average rate of fire is about ten rounds each minute.

AGS is a buzzword in the industry of ammunitions, and has set a benchmark in terms of developing firearms with the US Navy as target users. Without a doubt, AGS is a huge name in the industry that one cannot just ignore. Even if it seems there is exclusivity on the use of the firearms under AGS, it still established certain set of standards that are relevant to gun enthusiasts—even those outside the ranks of the US Navy.

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