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Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat was founded in 1977 by Bill Wilson that creates custom pistols located at Berryville, Arkansas. It started as Wilson's Gun Shop, and in 2000 bought the company Scattergun Technologies that markets combat shot guns under the company name Wilson Combat Scattergun Technologies. The company started its first custom made pistols using the Colt model 1911, Smith & Wesson model 10 revolver, and Ruger Single Action revolvers. In 1996, Wilson completely produces its colt 1911 in house using its own manufacturing factory. Wilson's handguns are guaranteed for a 1 in (25mm) groups of 25 yards. The company's products are being used by special forces, particularly the Delta Force and Navy Seals.

The company became famous among firearms aficionados because of the reliable production of the models like the PPC .38 Special and .44 Magnum Hunter. Most experts agree that Wilson Combat stands for quality and outstanding results by producing all the best components to build a superb gun on the market.

The company produces hand guns, long gun, magazines, accessories and ammunitions, which include classic Colt 1911 and Supergrades, which represents the company's highest level of craftsmanship. Each Wilson gun models have a full size grip frame and five inch barrel patterned after the original USGI 1911 pistol. Custom hand guns are in varied types from the contemporary Classic Centennial to Bill Wilson Carry Pistol, which are available for custom order which will require a $500 deposit on hand guns and a $250 deposit on long guns even before the work will begin on the firearm. On special or personalize orders, a non-refundable $500 deposit on hand guns and a non-refundable $250 deposit on long guns.

Wilson Combat allows customers to create their own Dream Gun, whether for collection or competitive sports shooting. The company offers choices on your different gun components from trigger, calibre, barrel type, safety, hammer, magazine capacity up to every part of your Colt 1911 style pistol.

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