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The Tikka T3 line of rifle models is characterized by high quality and great accuracy through their specifications. Among their general features are usually a high-grade stainless steel or Cr-Mo alloy barrel, a high-grade walnut or reinforced glass fiber stock, an extremely rigid action, a bolt with counter-bored bolt head and twin locking lugs, an adjustable trigger with single-stage pull and positive feel, a two-stage safety, optional sights, and a strong glass fiber composite magazine. Tikka T3 rifles are the lower-priced arms products of the Finnish firearm company SAKO, Limited.  As such, Tikka T3 rifles are among the best rewards for budget conscious buyers who wish to have a rifle with a good pedigree. 

SAKO, Limited was founded in 1927 in Helsinki, Finland. The company’s headquarters has since moved to Riihimäki, where it has undergone numerous changes in organizational structure mainly due to the percentage of state ownership within the company. All throughout, SAKO has continuously produced firearms, most notably rifles, which hallmarks have been quality, accuracy, and price.  Among its bestsellers is the aforementioned Tikka T3 line, which was produced for those looking for lower-priced arms with the best return. Presently, SAKO, Limited firearms come in Hunter, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Laminated, Varmint, Carbine and Classic models.

SAKO, Limited first produced civilian rifles after World War II, with the L42.  It has not stopped since then and has consistently produced rifles that are popular in Europe and all over the globe like the L461 “Vixen”, the L579 “Forester”, the L61R “Finnbear”, the 591, the M75 and the M85, all this in addition to the Tikka T3 line.  SAKO also produces centerfire and rimfire rifles which are targeted toward law enforcement agencies in addition to its usual hunting and civilian products. SAKO, Limited currently has a professional partnership with Italy’s Beretta Holdings, presumably for the betterment of their respective products.

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