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Olympic Arms

Olympic Arms, Inc. started out in 1956 as Schuetzen Gun Works and changed to its present name in 1975 at the same time the company moved to Olympia, Washington. Olympic Arms manufactures several firearms, mostly AR-15 and M16 patterned rifles, carbines, pistols, as well as the Colt 1911 series 70 style pistol. Their products are considered top of the line, and are able to stand the rigors of everyday needs as evidenced by the widespread use of their products by government and law enforcement agencies around the world. Olympic Arms has consistently been contracted by the U.S. Armed Forces as well as various military, law enforcement and government agencies. In addition to these, Olympic Arms also manufactures products for civilians which are mainly for hunting.

Olympic Arms has also been pioneers in their own right when it comes to firearms. They have been the first in introducing modifications and innovations to AR-15 rifles and AR-15 style firearms, among which are the flat-top upper receiver, the free-floating aluminum hand guard, the AR-15 based pistol, and AR-15 cartridges of different calibers. These innovations introduced to the industry have greatly maximized the performance of the AR-15, and have somewhat pushed the firearm to a higher level. This stance toward development of firearms has been among the trademarks of Olympic Arms in the industry, and one of the reasons why their products have become the standard for several agencies.

Among their featured products are the AR-15 .22LR, various models of the AR-15 rifle and AR-15 carbine, AR-15 LE, AR-15 pistols like the CAL model and the 6.5” as well as AR-15 conversion units, and several AR-15 parts and accessories. Olympic Arms also has 1911 and Whitney pistols in their inventory. They also have the Gamestalker for hunting, in addition to other models for predator hunting and big game hunting.  They also stock on various optics and sights as accessory parts for firearms, and also on necessary tools. Olympic Arms have been consistently considered by individuals as bargains and have good performance.

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