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China North Industries Corporation, also referred to as NORINCO, is one of the largest state-owned enterprises in China. It offers a wide range of services and products – vehicles and logistics operations, civilian explosives, optronic products, development of petroleum and mineral resources, sports arms, defense products and a lot more. It has built its name in international engineer contracting services and in fact has been consistently registered as one of the 225 largest international engineering contractors for several years. Its subsidiaries were likewise awarded the national title as advanced enterprise for their excellent performance in the field.

NORINCO gained world-wide recognition for its remarkable precision strike systems and impressive amphibious assault weapons and equipment. NORINCO also became very famous for developing anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems and highly effective destruction systems. Likewise it takes pride of its long-range suppression weapon systems, night vision products, anti-terrorism and anti-riot equipment and small arms.

Due to high demand for its products, NORINCO created a global operation and information network and an international market setup. To maintain the degree of quality and excellence of its products and services, NORINCO continuously works to improve its technology and service and promote innovations.

Some of NORINCO’s most powerful and popular weapons are the following: (1) NR-08 sub machine gun ; (2) QSZ-92 pistol; (3) Type 54 (Soviet TT-33 Pistol clone); (4) Model M-201C; (5) Model 213; (6) NP-17 (Model M-201C in Two-Tone); (7) NZ-75 (CZ 75 pistol clone); (8) NZ-85B (CZ 85 pistol clone); (9) NP-56 45ACP Sig-Sauer P220 (Rail pistol Clone in .45ACP); (10) M-1911A1 Government Model with Mil-spec (Colt M1911A1 pistol clone); (11) M-1911A1-P, Government Model version with Mil-spec (Colt M1911A1clone); (12) M-1911A1C Combat Commander style pistol; (13) NP-29 (Colt M1911A1 clone); (14) M93 (Colt Woodsman Clone); (15) Type 56 Carbine (Russian SKS semi-automatic rifle clone); (16) Type 88 sniper rifle; and (17) QBB 95 (squad automatic weapon version of the QBZ-95).

For more detailed information on the weapons of Norinco, visit its website at http://www.norinco.com.

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