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Mossberg was the first ever U.S. long-gun maker that achieved an ISO 9001 certification.  Passing the stringent requirements and high quality standards laid down by the international certifying organization is quite a feat. Applying for an ISO certification meant that Mossberg’s quality and manufacturing control procedure underwent n a thorough and demanding review by an independent and autonomous auditing agency.  Mossberg®   continues to improve and upgrade its firearms to meet high quality standards. This is mandatory to maintain the company’s ISO certification.

Founded by Swedish-born Oscar Frederick Mossberg and his sons Harold and Ives in 1919, the gun company’s first firearm was the “Brownie”, a .22 caliber handgun fitted with four-barrels. Followed thereafter were other .22 caliber shotguns, rifles including rifle scopes. The diversification ultimately led to the production of sporting goods such as other gun accessories including outerwear, caps, shirts and more. Today, O.F. Mossberg and Sons is one of the leading gun manufacturers and the oldest family-owned business in the United States.

Mossberg® has long recognized America’s passion for shooting sports, including sports hunting.  The company had designed and manufactured rifles, shotguns and rifle scopes for the betterment of the sports.   Mossberg® also produced golf clubs, gun racks, sailboats and campers alongside its main core firearms business.  Most features innovated by Mossberg® have become standards by which modern rifles and shotguns are evaluated. The people behind Mossberg® continue to hone and improve their craft towards what is called Mossberg’s Shooting System approach where gun parts are designed to fit older shotgun models.

Mossberg’s gun designs are truly innovative and have greatly contributed to the way shooters use their rifles and shotguns. Mossberg has definitely set the bar for well-built, reliable and affordable guns. To date, Mossberg has several rifles, shotguns and special guns to offer.

Mossberg Rifles

702 Plinkster® Rimfire is a versatile rimfire .22 for small games and varmints or for marksmanship practice. Under this category are the 702 Plinkster® Autoloader, 702 Plinkster® Thumbhole Tipdown Autoloader and the 702 Bantam® Plinkster® Autoloader.

802 Plinkster™  is .22 bolt action rimfire rifle that is sleek, accurate  and perfectly balance. It is best for chasing varmints and marksmanship practice.  Available under this category are the  802 Plinkster™ Bolt-Action, 802 Bantam™ Plinkster™ Bolt-Action and the 802 Varmint Plinkster™ Bolt-Action.

801™ Half-Pint Plinkster™  has been designed for youngsters and is greatly ideal as a starter gun.  Instead of the usual 18” barrel, this model’s barrel is only 16”and weighs a mere 4 pounds. Variant is the 801™ Half-Pint Plinkster™ Bolt-Action.

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