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Merkel was founded on turn of the 19th century when three (3) Merkel brothers, Albert Oskar, Gebhard, and Karl Paul when they put up a company “for the purpose of joint manufacture of firearms and other articles.” The company focused on the development of sporting and luxury guns in the renowned gun-making city of Suhl. They manufactured good quality and more elaborate guns than military rifles and the company was committed in creating “fine guns” for hunting and sporting aficionados. With innovation as the key factor, Merket begun developing the Bock over and under gun design with two barrels one upon the other and registered the “Bock” as a trademark. It is Merkel that changed and revolutionized sport shooting and hunting with the Bock brand.

Merkel is a member of the Suhl Alliance, a cooperative of quality gun makers in the German city of Suhl, known for its rich decorative engravings, and earned the moniker “German Damascus” - a place of high art for gun making.  Merkel stood up for this distinction by preserving and enriching the adorned and elegant designs of its hunting and sporting rifles.

With Merkel, it has elevated hunting guns in two categories: traditional handcrafted works of art known in Suhl as the “Meisterstuck” which is still produced by the company and is only available upon request. The other category is called the MEM hunting gun contemporary method. It is developed based on using the combination of high tech engineering expertise and Suhl deep knowledge and experience in gun making tradition.

Recently, Merkel has launched a new quality product line known as the Rx.Helix in the US. It is a superb combination of safety, ergonomics and accuracy. The Merkel RX uses a rotary bolt action positioned accurately above the trigger, giving the user a straight eye on the target. With a total length of approximately 107cm and total weight of 2.9kg using a standard barrel of 56cm or a Magnum 61cm specifications.

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