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Marlin Firearms Co. was founded by John M. Marlin sometime in 1870 in New Haven, Connecticut. Marlin was an apprentice as a tool and die maker in the Colt plant but he soon formed his own gun manufacturing company. His first line of firearms was revolvers and derringers. His team of gun innovators was able to work on revolutionary models such as the 1893 and 1891. These two models are now the current 336 and 39 which are the oldest design for a shoulder arm that is still in used today.

The model 39 or the lever action 22 repeater is a favorite among exhibition shooters. One of the old proponents of this model is no less than Annie Oakley, an American exhibition shooter and sharpshooter in the last quarter of the 19th century.  Through a series of integration and syndication the company was renamed Marlin Rockwell Corporation during WW1 and became the leading manufacturer of machine guns for the Allied Forces.  The model was named the M18895 Colt-Browing machine gun and its variant called the Marlin gun.  The company diverse into the manufacture of sporting arms but it was not profitable enough so the company folded.

In 1924 the company was auctioned off and bought by Frank Kenna for $100 but with a mortgage. Since then the Marlin Firearms Company has been owned by the Kennan family.   Several old models circa 1900s were introduced so is the razor blade business.  The razor blade production thrived for a while but it was later phased-out and the company concentrated on its manufacture of firearms.

In 1889, the company developed the very first solid top, side-ejecting receiver which they called the “Marlin Safety”.  Sometime in 1953, Marlin introduced the Micro-Groove rifling system for more accuracy. All through its existence, Marlin engineers and gun designers continued to set significant milestones in the firearm industry.

Marlin firearms have been considered as second best to Winchester lever guns.   In the 1980s and 1990s Marlin changed its pace and is now a recognized manufacturer and retailer of lever action rifles in the United States. This is mainly due to the side ejection of flat-topped firearms which makes mounting of scopes a lot easier compared to Winchesters.

In 2000, H7R 1871, Inc., a shotgun and rifle manufacturing company in Massachusetts, was acquired by Marlin.  In 2007, Remington Arms Company acquired Marlin.  Today, Marlin Firearms Co. has several models to offer avid shooters and hunters.

Centerfire Bolt Action Rifles are exclusive to dealers who specifically request to carry it. Noted under this group is the Marlin X7 Series bolt action which is a hunting rifle. This rifle is built solidly, accurate even at long range and very dependable.  Innovations in this model is the Pro-Fire® Adjustable Trigger, Soft-Tech® recoil pad, button-rifled barrel fitted with a target-style crown and a pillar-bedded stock.

The 308 & 338 Marlin Express is a lever gun which is akin to the 30-06 Sprg.  The 338 Marlin Express is a fitting firearm for big game hunting in North America.  Both guns are capable of 300 yards chambering which is unique for a lever-action rifle fitted with a tubular magazine.

The XLR Series is composed of lever-action rifles which are designed and built to adapt Hornady’s  LEVEREVOLUTION® ammunition. The new improved ammunition achieves more energy, velocity and bullet performance. New models under this series are the 308 MXLR and 336 XLR in 35 Rem.

The Classic Model 1895 falls under Big Bore Lever Action Rifles. This has a 22-inch barrel made unique with an American walnut pistol grip stock integrated with swivel studs and cut checkering and deep-cut Ballard-type rifling.

The 336C is the flagship model of the Model 336 series.  This line is one of the top hunting rifles in North America. This series is noted for its good looks, accuracy and reliability. Its 20-inch barrel has Micro-Groove® rifling which ensures pinpoint accuracy. Used in this series is the American black walnut stock with cut checkering and its trademark Mar-Shield® finishing.

The Model 1894 is designed and built in the traditional lever-action Marlin design. This model is a carbine with a cartridge compartment fitted for pistol calibers such as the 44 Remington Mag/44 Special. Its size is compact and handy with a traditional semi-buckhorn sights patterned after models reminiscent of the Old West.

Other models of the Marlin are the Model 1894 Cowboy, Golden 39A and Model 60. The newest addition is the Marlin XT Series which is touted to be the next best rimfire rifle. The Marlin® XT™ offers a new synthetic stock, an adjustable trigger. It has been designed for accuracy and is available in 17 HMR, 22 WMR and 22 LR.

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