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Founded in 1991 in Cocoa, Florida, Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc., has become the third largest handgun manufacturer in the United States. The company started out as a machine shop then gradually veered towards the manufacture of firearms in 1995. Kel-Tec started with semi-automatic pistols then gradually veered into the design and production of rifles and shotgun. The company is under the helm of Swedish engineer George Kellgren who was formerly connected with Grendel and Intratec brand of handguns.

Presently Kel-Tec has a line of superior firearms such as pistols, shotguns and rifles. Under pistols are the PF-9, P-11, P-32, P-3AT, PLR-16, PLR-22 and PMR-30. For shotguns, Kel-Tec has the KSG and for rifles he available models are the SUB 2000, SU-16A, SU-16B, SU-16C, SU-16CA,  SU-16D, SU-22 and RFB.

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  • SU - 22

    The SU-22 rifle is chambered for the popular and economical .22 Long Rifle cartridge (....

  • SU - 16A

    integrated Picatinny rail for mounting different sight systems,forend folds down to for...

  • SU - 16B

    integrated bipod, Picatinny rail, and rotating stock with magazine storage,rear sight i...

  • SU - 16C

    The SU-16C has a true folding stock and can be fired with the stock folded. A reciproca...

  • SU - 16CA

    The SU-16CA is a hybrid of the SU-16C and SU-16A rifles. It comes with the same 16-inch...

  • SU - 16D

    The SU-16D is currently available in two models D9 and D12. The SU-16D12 has a longer b...

  • RFB

    RFB stands for Rifle, Forward-ejecting Bullpup. Why forward-ejecting? Because it allows...

  • SUB - 2000

    The bolt can be locked in the rear position by the operating handle. The main safety is...


  • P - 32

    The KEL-TEC P-32 is the lightest .32 Auto pistol ever made.The small grip size and ligh...

  • P - 3AT

    The KEL-TEC P-3AT is the lightest .380 Auto pistol ever made. Thanks to its locking dyn...

  • PF - 11

    Normally supplied with a 10-round double column all steel magazine, the P-11 will also ...

  • PF - 9

    The under barrel accessory rail shares the dimensions of the MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rai...

  • PLR - 16

    Ambidextrous Pushbolt Safety,integrated MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail will accept a multi...