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Heym Waffenfabrik AG

Heym AG is a German firearm manufacturer that was established in 1865. The company produces high quality double rifles, hunting rifles and shotguns. Friedrich Wilhelm Heym founded the company in Suhl. Germany. It 1891, the company was issued a patent for a  hunting rifle with three barrels, three triggers and three hammers on the same axis.  This was the very first hammerless drilling. The company started offering shotguns, drillings, and over-and-under rifle and shotgun combinations with Russia as its biggest and most important client until 1914.

Adolf Heym took over the company in 1912. Instead of concentrating on Russia for export of their products, it concentrated on the American market. In 1920, August Heym took over the company and started the production of Anson & Deeley Drillings, drillings with three triggers, double rifle drillings, double rifles and rifle shotgun combo firearms.

After WW II, Heym moved the factory to Ostheim in the Rhön/ Lower Franconia. The new factory also manufactured slide rules, clocks, spinning wheels and more products. In 1952, the plant was transferred to Münnerstadt/ Lower Franconia. In 1960, the company bought its first cold hammer forging machine. Rolf Heym took over the company from 1963 to 1972. Elizabeth Heym took over the management of the company and started to expand to foreign markets. In 1998 the company was re-founded as Heym Waffenfabrik GmbH and focused on foreign markets. In 2002, the company went public and assumed the name Heym AG in 2007.

Some of its older products are: Repeating rifle, Mod. SR 10; Mod. Mauser 3000; Repeating rifle SR 20;  Over Under Double Rifle Model 26 to name a few. Some of its newer products (after 1995) are: HEYM Straight pull repeating rifle Mod.SR 30 Special Editions; HEYM side lock rifle drilling Mod. 37 BK; HEYM side lock double rifle Mod. 88 B/SS Jumbo and more.

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