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Handguns are firearms which, unlike bigger shoulder firearms such as rifles and shotguns that need to be supported by the shoulder, can be held using one or two hands. The smallest type of firearm, handguns are light, easy to conceal and easier to operate, making them the weapon of choice for law enforcement and self-defense. This is also what makes handguns popular for civilians and heavily regulated in many jurisdictions.

There are four common types of handguns: revolvers, semi-automatics, single shot pistols and derringers.

Revolvers are distinguished through their revolving cylinders which have a maximum capacity of six rounds. They are safe, accurate and are able to contain a wider variety of cartridges. They come in two types: single action and double action. The latter is where the hammer of the single action revolver must be thumb-cocked prior to firing while the former is where the revolver can be fired by strong and long pull on the trigger. Samuel Colt created the first firearm. Today, the most popular models are the Colt Single Action Army, the Smith & Wesson Model 29, the Smith & Wesson Model 10, the Smith & Wesson 1917, the Webley and the Nagant M1895. They are popular as defensive and sporting/hunting firearms for civilians.

Semi-automatic pistols use a single chamber and barrel which automatically reloads itself under the magazine is depleted. They are the most popular type of handgun due to its ability to fire a high number of powerful rounds for a handgun, faster reloading and its compact size. They come in single action, single action/double action and double action where the top manufacturers are Colt, Beretta, Browning, Glock and SIG/Sauer. Semi-automatic pistols are the handgun of choice for civilians, law enforcement and military officers. They are also popular for hunting, plinking and target practice.

Single shot pistols are firearms that hold a single round of ammunition. Due to the fact that they must be reloaded after every shot, they are primarily used for hunting and sport shooting. Popular models are the Thompson Center Arms Contender and the Remington XP-100.

Derringers are the smallest handguns which contains two rounds of ammunition. Used by John Wilkes Booth to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, the derringer is primarily used by civilians that would like a small and very concealable firearm for self-defense.  Manufacturers of derringers include Bond Arms, Cobra Arms and American Derringer.

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