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H&R 1871

H&R 1871, LLC, is a firearms manufacturer under the New England Firearms and Harrington & Richardson brands. It is also a subsidiary of the Freedom Group. The original company was founded in 1871 and was active until 1986. H&R started out with Frank Wesson and Nathan Harrington with Wesson’s trigger rifles, spur trigger pistols and pocket shotguns/rifles. In 1874, Harrington bought out Wesson to put up Harrington & Richardson Company with former Wesson employee William Augustus Richardson. 

The company put up a new facility in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1894.  Firearms manufactured from 1894 to 1911 are considered antiques and are very valuable. In 1950, another facility was opened in Drummondville, Québec, Canada.  In 1960, Kidde Corporation acquired H&R. By 1991, the new company was formed. H&R 1871, Inc., started the manufacture of single shot rifles, revolvers and shotguns employing original H&R designs. Eventually, the assets of the company were bought by H&R 1871, LLC which is owned by Marlin Firearms Company in 2000.  In 2007, Remington Arms Company acquired H&R. Today Marlin Firearms, Remington and H&R are subsidiaries of Freedom Group.

H&R’s notable contribution during WWII are flare guns and Reising submachine gun. It produced the M1 rifle used in the Korean War. It also manufactured the M14 rifle (1959-1964), the M16A1 during the Vietnam War and made a variant of the M16 for the U.S. Military. All H&R weapons are considered valuable collectibles.

Some of its revolvers are: Model 1 .32 or .38 caliber; Model 1880 .32 or .38 S&W centerfire double action revolver; Young America Double Action. Pistols designed and manufactured by H&R are: H&R Self-loading (Automatic) Pistol; Calibers .32 ACP and .25 ACP, HK4 (from 1968–1973).  Shotguns by H&R are: Pardner shotgun (Single shot); Ultra-Slug shotgun (Single shot); Gamester (Bolt action) Gauges 16 and 12. Rifles included: Handi-Rifle (Single shot); H&R Model 700: .22 Maxi Mag Bolt action semi auto rifle. Military rifles include: M14; Reising; M16A1; T223 rifle.

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