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Franchi is considered a leader in the firearm manufacturing industry. Through the years, the company has learned how to make the art of making shotguns almost perfect, if not perfect. Franchi guns can be traced back to 1868. The company’s products are defined by craftsmanship and skill making the brand of the most trusted in the market. Franchi started in the historical city of Brescia in Italy.

About six decades ago, Franchi started making long-recoil 48 AL, which is said to be an ultimate innovation among long-recoil autoloaders. Aside from this, the company also introduced innovations in the field of semi autos and gas-operated guns. Frenchi remains to be the chosen brands of many wing shooters because of its superior feel and fast handling qualities.

Given the number of years that the company has been in the business, it automatically assumed a great role in the gun making industry. It has set the standards of perfection, specifically in terms of using new materials and imposing innovative production methods. Since it started, the company has been providing well-designed and well-thought products to meet the changing demands of gun users in the industry. Franchi also makes sure that its products are protected by patents, and these are renewed whenever needed. Also, the company does not stop in improving its existing designs without having to sacrifice both performance and style.

Franchi has an unwavering commitment in innovating shotguns and gas-operated loaders, among others. Up until today, Franchi continues to meet the needs of the market by looking into the buyers’ changing needs. As much as possible, the company tries to adapt to these changes. The company has never lost track since it started.

The perfection in terms of style and quality is something that newcomers in the industry have never done the way Franchi has done in the past decades. Until now, the company remains an inspiration for many gun manufacturers not just in Italy, but in other parts of the world as well.

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