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Federal Cartridge

A subsidiary of Alliant Techsystems, Federal Premium Ammunition is located in Anoka, Minnesota. The company manufactures shotshells, rimfire and centerfire ammunition and components. The company was originally founded in 1916 but was re-founded in 1922 by Charles L. Horn. Federal Cartridge Corporation products were retailed in grocery stores, gas filling stations and barber shops. In 1941, Federal won a contract from the U.S. government for a total of $87 million to construct and operate Twin City Ordinance Plant. The TCOP plant earned the Army-Navy “E” for excellence for the production of war materials. The company is ranked 59th in the list of U.S. corporations considered of value in WW II military production contracts. Federal was also involved in the production of war materials for the Korean and Vietnam wars.

William B. Horn took over the company, expanded its advertising and marketing programs thus increasing the company’s visibility to the public. It color-coded its shotshells based on their gauge (1960). It converted paper to plastic hull shotshells and came up with non-toxic shells (1965). It was also the first manufacturer to come up with a steel load (1973). In 1977, the company introduced Premium line of shotshell ammunition and centerfire rifle.

In 1985 Federal and its sister company Hoffman Engineering was bought by a group of investors including BancBoston Capital and Kelso & Co. In 1988, FC Holdings, which is the holding company of Federal-Hoffman Inc., was acquired by Pentair Inc. for $175 million. Today, Federal-Hoffman has parted ways with Federal owned by Alliant Techsystems. Federal Cartridge is now known as Federal Premium Ammunition.

Federal Premium Ammunition manufactures HST, Hydrashok and Expanding Full Metal Jacket which are defense ammunition. Hydrashok is used by US law enforcers for some years now.

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