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Davide Pedersoli

Davide Pedersoli & C. is an Italian fire arms manufacturing company based in Gardone, Italy and was founded by its namesake in 1957.  Over the years, the company has made its name identical with quality ballistic accuracy among huntsmen and target shooters all over the world. A sheer number of medals won by competitive shooters who use Davide Pedersoli guns in many international sports competitions make it one of the top choices for gun aficionados worldwide.

Another characteristic of Davide Pedersoli & C. is its ability to replicate guns that are no longer manufactured.  Staying true to its pride in quality craftsmanship, the company goes through many lengths, including a good amount of detailed historical research, on the firearms it replicates.  Historical research is key to identifying the most important steps in the creation of the gun being replicated, as well as staying true to the gun manufacturing tradition of 19th century European and American firearms.  Because of this specialized novel ability to manufacture historical firearms, the Davide Pedersoli brand has also had special ties with re-enactment groups, a society that is filled with very precise history scholars and antique collectors who do not fall short of utmost appreciation for well-made replications of firearms because of their attention to detail.

David Pedersoli & C. guns range from dueling pistols to revolvers. The company also manufactures target guns as well as infantry muskets—no matter the European country and era. Meanwhile, its manufacturing range includes iconic American firearms that have marked the evolution of firearm craftsmanship, from the flintlock to those that use metallic cartridges.

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