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Dan Wesson Firearms

Dan Wesson Firearms is a subsidiary of CZ-USA and is known as a manufacturer of handguns. Founded in 1968 by Daniel B. Wesson II, the gun company is well known for its excellent revolvers and ammunitions. Daniel is a great-grandson of one of the original founders of Smith & Wesson Gun Company in which he was employed from 1938 to 1963. Upon the assimilation of Smith & Wesson by the Bangor-Punta manufacturing, Dan B. Wesson in collaboration with Karl R. Lewis set out to manufacture a prototype of Lewis’s modular-designed revolver.

The W12 was the first interchangeable barrel pistol, chambered in .357 Magnum made by Dan Wesson Firearms. The W12 employed an exposed nut on the muzzle end for securing the shroud and barrel. The  elongated flange of the shroud insured the centering and securing of the barrel. Refinement of the W12 led to Model 15 with its recessed nut inside the flange. Further refinement led to Model 15-2 which is the best selling Dan Wesson model. The centering dowel for this model is a roll pin inserted into the frame, precisely drilled into the shroud for centering and alignment which in turn eliminates the used of flanged barrel shrouds. Barrel lengths are available in 2.5, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches with venting, plain solid shrouds, shrouds with full underlugs and ribbed shrouds. Ordered as Pistol Pacs, it includes 4 barrels, barrel changing tool and clearance gauges packed in fiberglass briefcase.

Due to the success of the .357 models, Dan Wesson Company developed and manufactured new models such as the .44 Magnum/Special, .41 Magnum, .32 H&R, .45 Long Colt and cartridges, 7460 models in .45Winchester Magnum/460 Rowland/.45 ACP.

In spite of the successes brought about by the sale of these revolvers, the company suffered financial crisis. This led to its bankruptcy and to the acquisition of the company by Bob Serva in 1996. The plant was moved to Norwich, N.Y. and the new brand became Dan Wesson Firearms. The company focused on the production of 1911 clones. Serva gradually produced revolvers with focus in the Supermag revolvers and Model 715. Financial crisis hit the company again and this time, CZ-USA bought Dan Wesson Firearms in 2005. Today, the company continues to produce 1911 clones and the Alaskan Special (445 Supermag revolver) and the .357 Magnum 715 stainless steel revolver series.

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